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i hope some one will read this and help

Hi i didnt know wether to write on here or not, because all the other post have been so diffent from what im about to say.Sorry if anyone feels like ive invaded and shouldnt have rote on here but im totaly baffled.

My son who is 15months has been diagnosed with sever eczema or what they think is sever eczema, ive had hundreds of creams provided and non worked (steriod, ointments, moisturiser etc) its got to the stage now that he is on wet wraps all day and all night, they said that they were so expensive that they could only give me 4 sets (he has 2 sets on at a time, 1 wet and 1 dry) so the regeim is, wake up, breakfast, wraps off and in to the washing machine, in shower washed with dermol lotion (its like moisturiser :S ) then out bath, dryed, moisturiser all over body, epiderm all over body (its like soft candle wax!) soak 1 set of wet wraps in hot water and ring out, quickly put the wet ones on and then the dry ones over the top, and dress in clothes, he has to get moisturiser on every 2 hours so its, wet wraps off and moisturise all over and then back on again, (inbetween all this the wet wraps in the washing machine have washed and i have to hang them up to dry for night time,

Then at night i have to shower the same and all the moisturiser and epiderm and wet and dry wraps, the thing is not for the past couple of days he can pull them up and still scratch and he is bleeding and seeping everywhere and its a little shame on him, constantly itchy and damp (including clothes cause wet wraps/dry on under neath clothes) its got that bad that i dont bother going out cause he just gets so stressed and upset, i am with the dermatologist who had tryed loads of creams and then referd him to the wet/dry wraps, but there just making his skin worse now, im at my wits end, im due in october and hopefully want to have this all sorted out and find something that will help him b then, i havent seen anything in peticular make his skin worse ie, food, juice etc, i just wish some one would help for me and my son, it breaks my heart to see him constantly itchy and soreimage

soz its a bit long but im praying to god that some one knows of some one who has or is going through the same as me and can help



  • hi im sorry your having a tough time of it all lately and hope you can get your little boy sorted soon,

    i'm sorry i cant help but i just wonder whether this would

  • Yeah all these creams are nothing on what davids had there very mild to what hes on so they wouldnt work, thanks for that though but i wish it was that simple lol image

  • sorry thought it was probably a long shot yours certainly sounded a lot worse, hope derm is able to do something for the poor love asap
  • Hi Lisabby

    Don't know if this will help but here goes.

    My son had severe eczema and I totally know how you feel.

    Have the specialists took blood test for intolerances? My son had intolereances to certain foods that I limited.

    My son also had the wraps but they were like PJs (top and trousers) they also had mittens with little holes for the thumbs that I secured in place with surgical tape (sounds awful but it was protection). I also but sleepsuit on backwards with the press studs at the back so that he couldn't open them and scratch. When my son was really bad the doctor gave my son a strong anti-hystimine that made he sleep solid for 6 hours. Once you break the scratch cycle it gets a little easier. My son (8) used to use epaderm but it got too sticky and made his itch worse he now uses Liquid Paraffin 50% in white soft paraffin which is thinner and soaks in really quick I then put steriod cream over the top.

    Where do you live? I also paid to see a private dermatologist and she was excellent based in St Helens near Liverpool. I know that it is really hard but keep taking them back to the doctors/dermatologist and tell them its not working. When you find the combination that work it gets easier (((((hugs))))

    Hope it helped love K x x
  • hi
    i really hope this doesnt sound out of order as i am just trying to help so please dont let it offend you but i was thinking because of the stressful and time consuming routine you and your son have to go through you may be able to claim disability allowance. it is there to help with extra costs if you have a child that you need to do more with than another child of that age. i was just thinking it may help towards the cost of wraps so it takes the pressure off of you with washing ect.
    im sorry i dont have any other advice apart from have you seen a dermatologist? you can be seen on the nhs. good luck and i hope i havent offended you with my suggestion. xx
  • I agree with Sasha 34. I received DLA for the extra care I gave to my son untill he was 5. It really helped and you are entitled to it.

    Love K x x
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