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Good morning ladies,
After 22 months of trying to get pregnant, i have finally done it and got my bfp on Christmas eve so i am now 5 weeks and 4 days.
And i was just wanting to know 2 things can i still drink coffee? it's my down fall only 1 a day?
Also i love going to the gym and running, does any1 else still workout while being pregnant?
Im so scared now its took me so long to fall pregnant that i don't wanna put my self at risks that i can help but there the only things that concern me.
My doctor has said i should carry on working out and running as i have always done and he also says one cup of coffee is fine.
Thanks Ladies
Have a wonderful day x x


  • hi, congratulations!!!!

    yes u can drink coffee, u can have up to 3 cups of coffee OR 6 cups of tea per day.

    i'm not sure about the gym tho, i shld imagine that there will be some equipment and workouts that u will have to avoid but probably best to check this out with one of the qualified instructors there or with ur GP.

    congratz again

  • Congrats sweetie. I'm a bit of a gym bunny too but I have decided to leave off the running and just do low impact cardio such as the cross trainer and stepper but that's just me. I'm 5+6.
  • Congrats, I am sure I read somewhere that you can keep up any exercise that you usually do but shouldn't take anything new up that will put strain on your body. Just check it all with your doc to out your mind at rest.
  • I did hear that if you have always run you can continue in pregnancy but i'm no expert! if you use a good gym they should be able to advise you if not talk to your mw!! also i couldn't survive with out my morning cupachino occasioally have a second later on!!
    oh an big congratulations on your bfp!!!xxx
    carly 24+4
  • Evening hun,
    Well i love running and i do about 11k about 5 times a week, so the doctor said just cut it down and don't run as fast, whick i now have been doing about 6k about 3 times a week, it feels fine but you never see pregnant women in the gym and that rather concerns me lol.
    I have looked a few websites and they all say carry on and do the talk test, so if you can still talk while working out its fine.
    Contrats to you as well hun is it your first?
    Also will you run after the first 12 weeks or not at all anymore? x x
  • Thank ladies just what i thought really, just wanted to know what every1 else does? i will carry on unless i start to feel uncomfortable. x x
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