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Hi everyone

Me again! Hope you don't mind my posts on here!!!

I am just starting to look into baby monitors - they're a mind-field to me!

Any recommendations would be good, your suggestions on must have features etc. Budget isn't really a problem although I don't want to spend silly money on one if I can get something cheaper that does the job!

Thanks so much
Julie xxx

24w today!


  • Only advice I have is buy a digital one!!! We had two different analouge ones when Millie was little and the interferance used to drive me round the bend. The digital ones we have now are crystal clear, so much better.
  • We have tommee tippiee deluxe one and its perfect for us it has a night light, thermometer, lets us know shes breathing by making like a clicking sound everytime she does (shes a very quite sleeper like me) and it puts our minds at rest xxxx
  • I've got the tommee tippiee one too, only problem with mine is when the motion sensor goes off for no reason and it gives me a heart attack!

  • Thanks everyone!
    So digital is a must then!
    I am off to see what the shops have on offer!!!
  • We have the bt150 I think it is and its fab! Ours is the one with no thermometer on it, it plays lullablys and has a parent talk back. Its really good and I would deffo reccomend it. Think it cost us about ??60 in boots, happy shopping xxx
  • we've got the bt one too, it's fab, you can plug an mp3 player into it too and it plays the songs...even when JJ isnt in bed i put the lullabies on in his room and put the parents end near him so he can listen to them!
  • We've got the BT one too and I think it's fab. I probably hear too much on it as the microphone is so sensitive. The lullabies get him off to sleep easy peasy every night (even though I don't particularly like them, maybe he sleeps to block out the noise !) Anyway I like it. Was about ??65 from Toys R us. S x
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