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What can I do?

Hello I had terrible PND after the birth of my son,I have learned how to manage my depression as it is not something that will now ever leave me. I can manage it without medication now. I feel ready to have another baby but I am afraid I will not be able to manage my depression without medication again. I am afraid because I don't want to feel like that again but I do want another baby.

What can I do to prevent PND from happening again and should I talk to me doctor about my fear?


  • Sorry, I don't have any answers libranaster, but i'd be interested to see what others suggest.
    Good luck
  • Hello

    You might not get PND again but kow what you mean having suffered the first time around - I'm preganant again and have contacted my HV from last time who was really supportive and have forwarned her and the GP - both have agreed to see me anytime I'm feeling like I can't cope.

    Someone on here also posted about a website called MindGym its based on CBT - i am intending to work my way through the programme and hopefully prevent a relapse

    I suggest you talk to the people who were good to you last time - Good luck
  • I might talk to my doctor when I go I have to go anyway because I might be suffering from Neuralgia. My god my health is a pain in the buttocks of late.
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