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I feel so stupid

I called a counsellor today. I feel so stupid and guilt cos i don't think my PND (or whatever else it is that's getting me down??) is all that bad. But, saying that, i keep feeling low, like i don't want to get up, like I'm not good enough for LO etc etc. My HV (they're all very nice) thinks it could be a good idea.
Has anyone else tried counselling and did it help?
I just keep crying at the mo and getting angry. I get quite anxious and worry a lot.
I don't know why I'm typing this really but I know you ladies will understand.
Thanks :\)
Juliette (Mum to Matthew, 20.5 months)


  • I think it is better to join some support groups. I foudn I didn't feel like such a failure when there were heaps of other people around who felt the same.

  • Hi Juliette, hope you're okay hun. Didn't realize you had pnd. I have it too but wasn't ever offered counselling- I'm thinking maybe I should ask for some but it really scares me to think of talking to a stranger.

    Sorry, I've no real advice but just wanted to say I'm thinking of you and if you ever need a chat then send me an e-mail. I was recommended a website called moodgym which helps with bad thoughts, but only works if you keep going back over it. Might be worth a look though.

    Take care of yourself- and I know you won't believe it but sounds like you're doing a fantastic job of being Matthew's mummy.

  • Hi Ladies
    Thanks for your replies.
    Libranaster - i have decided to try the counselling as i think i'm better one-to-one than in a group. We'll see how it goes.
    Lea77 - hiya - I've written you a message on Toddler.
    Juliette :\)
  • Hi Juliette, I had pnd when my 2nd baby was born, I did have counselling and I have to say it was great for me, I was on anti-depressants too. The counselling was great for me as a way of letting everything out, then she would go through with me all the things that made me feel a failure or I felt insecure about, I had a really traumatic birth with my 2nd child, she nearly died, then she was admitted to hospital at 5 weeks old and was not a particularly happy baby, the cousellor just helped me to see things straight and sort them out in my head. Really hope it works for you. xxx
  • Hi Hayley l
    Thanks for sharing your experiences with me. Sorry to hear you had such an awful time with your 2nd baby. I had a traumatic time, but not as bad as that. That's why i feel a bit stupid and a fraud!
    I don't think my PND was really bad, i think it's a bit of left-over PND and also some other stuff.
    My counselling should start in a few weeks - hope it helps
    Thanks again xx
  • Don't feel stupid or a fraud, to be honest although I had an easy birth with Isaac, it was very quick and I was quite traumatised by the fact that I got sent home from hospital 2 hours before he ws born without being examined then he was nearly born in the car, Luckily my hv was fantastic and came and saw me 4 times after Isaac was born, when she realised that I was feeling quite bad about it she put me in touch with a birth counselling service who went through my notes with me and explained things, i think if I hadnt done that I would have had pnd again, you are not a fraud and you are a great mum, Matthew is so gorgeous I love your pic. x
  • Oh thanks Hayley!! Isaac's pic is fab too - he looks so happy and angelic..and a bit cheeky heehee!!
    My HVs were great right from the start too. I just hope that talking things through with a counsellor might make me able to 'get closure' on some stuff. I'll let you know how it goes.
    Hopefully chat with you more on the Toddler forum too xx
  • Ok hun, hope it goes well for you. Take care xx
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