My husband has annoyed me!!!

My husband has really peed me off today. Im am due to go back to work full time in April and am really dreading it. I feel like im going to miss out on loads. He has always said that if we could afford it he wouldnt have a problem with me going part time. Anyway i have worked it out and if i worked Monday - Thursday we wouldnt be very much worse off. I only work 5 hours on a friday anyway but have an hours commute each way. If i didnt work friday we would be ??15 a week worse off. I think its well worth the loss of ??15 a week so i can have an extra day with our daugher.

However he says he wants me to go back full time so we can have the extra money. He knows exactly how i feel cos i have told him. I dont know what i can do to persaude him to let me do this. I know we can manage fine on the disposable income we will have. People manage to live on quite a bit less than we will have. I have also said that if we stuggled i would go back to full time.

Sorry for rambling i just needed to have a moan.


  • I find with men that you have to introduce ideas gradually and give them time to think about it!!!!

    I have been talking to mine about having another three months maternity for months and he is just comning round to the idea now!!

    I think men can feel quite resentful of us being at home. i can't blame them because i would if it was the other way round.

    I expect he is worried with tthe current financial situation. Let him think about it for a while, he will realise it makes sense how much notice do you have to give? Make sure he knows when you would have to let work know. I bet he changes his mind.
  • Is it worth literally writing the sums down on a piece of paper so that he can't deny that it's just not financially worth you going back that extra day? He CAN'T carry on insisting his problem with it is that you need the money if he has evidence that you'd only net ??15!
  • I also agree with ptb write it down so he can see it. Hope it all works out alright xxx
  • We have discussed it and im going to go back full time but im going to try to switch to a site closer to home. We have also said that next year once im qualified we will look at it again. Hopefully i will be on more money then lol. Although maybe then baby number 2 can be planned
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