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Calpol for a 20 day old baby?

Hi, our LO has not been sleeping too well (12 hrs in last 48 hrs) due to colic/reflux. We have tried infacol and infant gaviscon without success for the colic/reflux. We went to the doctor this morning and he has prescribed Calpol. She is only 20 days only and weighs in at under 4kg (about 3.4kg). The Pharmacist said she should not be given Calpol as she is younger than 2 months and phoned to clarify whether it should be given. They eventually give us the Calpol but we are just concerned that this may not help and may have other side effects including potential long term effects. Has anyone else used Calpol particularly in v young babies? Any advice would be appreciated.


  • Sorry but I have no idea about Calpol but surely a doctor wouldn't have prescribed it if it weren't safe??
    My lo had colic & reflux and like yours, didn't sleep too well. I bought anti colic bottles (Dr Browns), used Colief ( a pain to use and expensive) and kept her upright for 20 mins after feeding, this along with the Gaviscon did help although it took 3 or 4 days before we noticed a big improvement.
    I really hope you get it sorted soon as I know how hard it is.
    Best of luck.
  • hi yes i have! max had extrme colic and we ended up in a&e a few times, they gave him calpol there at 3 weeks and it worked but he was so bad with colic that nothing else worked so when he was 5 weeks i gave him clapol myself, it helped short term and when i saw dr next they said it was ok! just some babies may be get asthma etc when older but the risk was very small!! Turned out 3 month later he was milk protein intolrant after lots of trips etc!! Calpol never did him any harm!
  • Hi calpol can be prescribed for younger babies, but i prefered to use just baby parecetamol which can be mixed by pharamasist, tastes horrid as it doesnt have any of the flavourings of calpol. my twins had to have it when they were born, but it was for temperature related problems. i was told benefits outweighed possible side effects

    i agree with donnaand poppy, ive used bornfree bottles and it def helped, if your bfeeding try giving up acidic food and caffeine.
  • The doctor gave me calpol for Holly when she was really young and said to me its fine to take paracetamol when you are pregnant so if you can take it when your preg u can give it to babys. xxx
  • Millie was given calpol/paracetamol when she was less than an hour old. She had quite bad head injuries from a traumatic delivery so they gave it her for the pain. As long as the dose is appropriate and it is prescribed then there shouldn't be any problems.
  • hi hun my eld had an operation when he was two weeks and was on calpol in hopital and after . as bedhead says its the dose thats important. Get a syringe frm the pharmacy as its easy to measure and easy to get in you lo .best wishes x
  • Hi
    Thanks for the advice- we got a syringe and gave her half the normal dosage just now so fingers crossed! Thought the gaviscon was working at first as kind of eased up a bit but after 2 days she was back to her usual wee self- just feel so helpless when she's in pain but glad to know not the only ones so thanks image
    R x
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