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Does anyone feel guilty cos they get bored playing with lo`s

hi, does anyone else ever feel bad cos they get bored very quickly playing with their lo`s.
Ryan is 6 months old and i find it very tirering playing with him trying to keep him entertained. I find it becomes a chore and this makes me feel so guilty, shouldnt i wanna play with my lo.
This only occurs when im on my own with ryan though, if im with oh, or parents, friends, etc i really enjoy it.

Does this ring any bells for anyone.

xx :roll:


  • Hi Icequeen
    Yep, i can totally relate to this. I find it hard to keep enthusiastic about playing and doing stuff with Matthew (20.5m) I feel really guilty about it and some days I really worry about being wit him on my own. Like you tho, I'm fine if other people are around.
    I think some people are happier and more inclined to do the playing thing than others. I am hoping that i will come into my own when he gets talking and a bit older. I think it is harder if you are suffering a bit with depression too. Is that the case for you?
    I thought I'd love every minute and want to be a stay at home mum, but i don't find it easy, and i'm back at work 2 days a week (which has helped, i must say). A friend of mine said she didn't feel herself until she went back to work full time. Doesn't mean you love LO any less.
    It's harder at 6m cos he can't interact as much. TBH i can't even remember what i did then. How about posting on baby or your LOs month of birth to see if any other mums have any play or activity ideas?
    I think i'm finding it hard too cos i'm a person who likes company of adults and when i was working full time i was busy and 'more challenged' (if you know what i mean). The change is a hard one to get used to. I beat myself up a lot cos i get bored, worried, fed up, low, angry etc etc. I am going to see a counsellor soon to talk about how i am (prob a few issues, not just PND).
    Let me know if any of this helps or if any of it sounds like your case. Not sure i made much sense tho LOL
    Juliette :\)
  • hi juliette, yeh i have pnd as well so it makes it harder, but i am seeing a councilor too, which is helping loads. Its good to know that its not just me that gets bored, it must be normal, lol.

    i always enjoy playing more when other people are around i suppose cos they can join in too, so its not all on me to keep him entertained.

    Your comments have helped and made me feel much better, thanks.
    At the moment he is not far off from sitting up on his own so that will make things easier i hope.

    xx ;\)
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