how sure are they when they tell you the gender. and are they allowed to tell u if they arent too sure?


  • I think they can be more positive with a boy because, well, they can see it!!! But generally, they never give you a 100% gaurantee, just to cover their backs...

    That's what I've heard anyway..!

    Julie xxx
  • I think generally when its a boy its obvious, ours definitely was image

    My mums best friends daughter was told she was having a baby girl and he was a boy though so I guess its never 100%! x
  • my mum was told she was hving a boy with me nd i wasnt! lol. we fgound out this time but not going mad buying coz i just dont trust them! x
  • i had gender scan this week- we wnt 2 a private place. they have 100% accuracy! meaning thy have so far gt them all correct- bt thy give 97%- suppose jst 2 cover themselves!!.. altho as above does say, it is very easy 2 spot wen its a boy! we had our 20 weeks scan a few hours b4 gender scan, and myself and oh spotted a willy! bt hosp wdnt tell us- so we wnt 2 baby vision 2 have it confirmed
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