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Rolling over - did u try to encourage lo

Alfie is 6 months next week and he worked out how to roll on his own when he was in his cot or on our bed. He can roll from his back to his tummy but still struggles to go back the other way. This has been tricky as he gets 'stuck' and we have to then roll him back-in the middle of the night is his favourite for that!!
Personally I would leave him to it but keep at the tummy time as that gives him the chance to practice! x


  • I did encourage Louise, mainly by playing games where I rolled her over which she really enjoyed. She then rolled herself when she saw something she wanted that she was trying to reach! To begin with she'd rol over to get something, now she just rolls over every time I put her on her back.

    She very rarlely can roll back though and gets annoyed after a while as she wants to crawl but cant!
  • Justin worked it out for himself, but maya was encouraged by justin to do it x
  • We encourage Jonathan to do this and roll him so he knows what to do but has only today made a big effort to do this on his own, he nearly got all the way over to his tummy and he is 28 weeks
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