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im haveing a little girl

hello every 1 ive found out im haveing a little girl im so happy il have 2 girlies and 2 boys my little girl was so happy wen i told her she keeps on asking me wen shes going to come out bless her shel soon start whingeing wen shes nicking stuff out her room and steeling her boyfriends lol xxx


  • congratulations!! xxx
  • Fab news!

    Any name ideas?

  • no not yet maybe u cud help me hint hint lol i had loads of boys names but no girls names cos i was so sure i was haveing a boy i made her check it twice cos i didnt believe her lol but its 99.9% certain she was well flashing her bits and my cheeky oh said she was just like his mother with her bits on show cheeky git xx
  • Awww! How lovely! for names - we are struggling for girls' - sorted if we have a boy though! What are your 2 girls called? At the moment, the only ones we agree on are Melissa or Jenna, although I love Lillia but hubby doesn't like it!

  • Hi,

    I am having a girl too and am struggling with names- like you this will be 2 of each for me!! What age are your other children and what are their names??

    I have Brandon 7, Lily 4 and Reuben 1 and am due this little 'un in 7 weeks.
    I really wanted a girl to even things out and for Lily who really wants a

    Our girls names at the mo at Evie, Elsie and Heidi
    we also like Molly, Maisie, Maggie, Lottie.
  • ive only got 1 girl at the mo called courtneylea and 2 boys 4 a boy i wanted bailey or callum something that was kind of different i really ent got a clue what to call my baby girl its like my mind has gone blank and every name i come up with my other half says no so im stuck really xx
  • hi ya k tom i have a girl courtney who is 6 a boy who is 5 called liam and another boy called tyler who is 3 then girly bump with no name lol xx
  • Congratulations! what wonderful news! your the opposite from me, we cant decide on a boys name but we have chose Lola Rose for a girl.

    Hannah 26+5 xx
  • Yaay, congratulations, that's great news for you, and for your little girl! image xx

  • congratulations, we are having a little girl to. xxx
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