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Leaky Mornings!

Matthew (20.5m) is a great sleeper. I put him to bed at about 7 and he sleeps thru til 7-7.30.
My only problem is that he often leaks (pee) and in the morning his vest and pjs (and sometimes bedding) are wet and need washing. This is pretty much every morning, It doesn't bother him, it's just annoying for me. This has been going on for a good 4+ months.
He has only the tiniest amount of milk at bedtime and eats his dinner and drink at 5ish. I have tried Pampers and Huggies dry night time nappies. I even have him in Size 5 now (he fits size 4 normally) to try and have a bit more room to soak up the pee. His nappies are always hugely full in the morning.
Does anyone have any ideas how i can prevent the leaks, or is it just something i have to put up with? Could I be using nappies that are too big??? Oh, he sleeps mostly on his tummy too, if that's any use.
Anyone got any ideas? Thanks
Juliette :\)


  • Hi Juliette,

    No suggestions im afraid but Joshua is occasionally like this. He also sleeps on his front so maybe this is why? This morning for example he was wet all at the top of his nappy right through his pj's and sleeping bag. I felt really bad thought cos he was calling mumma at about 7am but I wanted 5 mins longer (so cold this morning) so I left him and we sung nursery rhymes through the wall and then when I got up I felt awful when I realised he was wet!

    So any help for our little boys? xxx
  • Cole sleeps on his front often, and he's in 4+ huggies blue ones at night and we dont' have leak problems although he regularly wakes with a mega full nappy. mind you he sleeps from around 6.30 to about 4-5am usually then has a bottle and nappy change but on the odd occasion he's slept onger he's been fine.

    Have you tried 4+ nappies rather than 5s in case 5s are too big for him? also silly suggestion but have you double checked the weight range on the nappies you are using as some of them are slightly different brand by brand - I noticed that the pampers 4's were slightly different weight range to huggies 4's

    Are you brave enough to try and change him while he sleeps before you go to bed? I wouldn't dare try cole in case he woke but thought it was worth a suggestion.

    Oh..or failing that could you get some reusable nappy wraps and pop one of those over his disposable to protect his night clothes?
  • Hi Kia,

    I havent tried different nappies so thats an idea, i'll do that when I do my food order. Ive made the mistake of changing Joshua before we go to bed and he thought it was play time and cried so much so never again ha ha xxx
  • i dont have any real tips for this, but tegan use to have that problem, but since i changed her to pampers active fit we havnt had any problems and she sleeps from 7pm-9am, having a bottle when she goes down and then one at 6am. her nappies are full but they dont leak anymore. the only thing i can suggest is trying a few different makes of nappy and size and if that fails, then trying to change him in his sleep, but that might not go down too well xx
  • Have you thought about dry nights or pull up pants. I found that going up a size always helped but you have tried this already so I can only think that using special night time pants might work/
  • I have the same problem with Kara. She has recently been diagnosed with Diabetes so there are days she drinks alot so I know the reason. I have been using Pampers Baby Dry and they just don't work. I have tried Active Fit and they also made no difference. Huggies super dry seem to be better. However I have been recommended Tesco's own make so I am going to try them.
  • Hi
    Thanks for all the replies xx
    I have tried all the different sizes, but am wondering about the reusable outer cover idea.
    I daren't wake him at night to change - he is a good sleeper but a light one, so i think it would cause too many problems!
    Funnily enough Louise & Kara, we were in Tesco today and i have bought some of their night time ones to try.
    I'll let you know how we get on. Hope the rest of you have a dry night!
  • Hi juliette, I used to have this with Isaac, he was in size 5 nappies which he was well within the weight range for so I was a bit confused, I did for some reason go up a size to 5+ pampers and he hasnt had a leaky night since, I think that they are longer and he was always leaking out the top so maybe try the 5+. Good luck x
  • Well, Matthew was in a Tesco own Size 4+ last night and no leak this morning - hooray!!!
    We'll see how long it lasts tho!!
  • Great thats good to hear. My granny bought me the ones from Tesco and I haven't been well all week so couldn't get them off her but now i am looking forward to try them as you said he was dry. My aunt actually swears by them keeping babies dry.
  • There were no leaks last night either woo-hoo!!
    Hope you're feeling better soon L & K image

    Well, sadly the Tesco ones started to leak too and continued to do so :\?
    So I went with Kia's suggestion last night and put a reusable nappy wrap over the nappy. No leaks :\) BUT, i did it up a bit tight and the poor little man had sore red marks on his legs (bad mother!!) image

    OH has put him to bed tonight so we'll see how he is in the morning. Thanks Kia, luckily i had some wraps from trying them out when he was smaller.

    Juliette ;\)

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  • Juliette glad to hear that something is working for you. To be honest I am now using the Tesco own nappies all the time and I think they are great. Kara's nappy is full in the morning but has only leaked once and I know the reason for this is that she drunk so much juice before bedtime. I find they are better made than Pampers and Huggies.
  • Oh I was useful image
    Glad to help!
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