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My oh has really pee'd me off 2nite & as we are at mil's i've got no1 2 talk 2 so thought i'd let off some steam in here! Our lo is my 1st but he has an older 1 so always thinks he knows best, even though he cant do night feeds coz brooke wont go back 2 sleep 4 him, he doesnt put bottles in the steriliser properly n takes 3 hours 2 get her dressed, change her bum or put her coat on! 2nite i felt like him n his bloody mother have ganged up on me as brooke was cryin coz she was tired, his mum took her off me n told me she was hungry (she'd had a bottle 10 mins b4) she then decided she had wind (i told her i'd just winded baby) then she decided she must have a wet bum (her nappy was bone dry), after half an hour of tryin 2 shove a bottle in my poor baby's mouth she finally gave up fightin n took another oz! I then got all the dirty looks off mil n told "see i told u she was hungry"! OH just takes her side n shes tryin her best 2 make me look incompetent (sp)! Decided i'm ignorin oh til a later date lol x


  • I really do sympathise with you hun, i had this with my MIL, too, with my dd, they used to insist on coming to visit at 7.30 at night, usually she had just fallen asleep, and they would wake her up for a cuddle, of course she would then be miserable! So they woudl keep insisting that she was hungry (nothing to do with waking her up then?!?) in the end I would agree as I bf her I would just take her off upstairs for a cuddle and she'd fall back to sleep, when i went back downstairs i'd say she fell asleep whilst feeding. Unfortunately I don't have any advise for you as I took the cowards way out by escaping and not saying anything, but it always felt good to have a bitch to someone about them when they left (my poor mother got sick of me moaning at her in the end!) Luckily when I had my second we were living back with my parents for a while so we got to dictate visits! just let off steam on here when you need to instead!
  • grrr how annoying ur her mum n u know best,dnt let them make u feel bad hun im sure ur doin a fab job!id go mad if they tried feeding her like that wen shed only just had a bottle! xxx
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