need some opinions please

Im now cd 37 and approx 17 dpo, af was due on tuesday so this is the longest cycle i hve ever had (as far as i can remember). I have not been on the pill and decided not to as knew we wanted to start a family young. Im totally confused by this cycle and its driving me mental! Here are my (hopefully not in my head) symptoms: I have had sensitive boobs & nipples since day before af was due they are not sore just sensitive. I also developed blue veins running into my nipples and yesterdy developed pink spider veins all over my boobs which i can never remember having before. My nipples are def bigger. I have been having aaf cramps on and off for the last 5 daysso obviously having been running to the bthroom waiting on her arrival, am even wearing af pants! this is not helped by the fact tht i feel very full and so think its af! Im also very grumpy to the point of hubby wnting to move out as i keep sbnapping at him.

I dont have any other syoms however ithis morning i sturggled to wake up and managed to drag myself out of bed but feel absolutely tered and relly hot & ssweaty! I feel truely rubbish this morning like im overheating!

I tested yesterday morning ot bfn soow im probably clutching at straws but would love some opinions please. Is it even possible to still be pg even with a bfn at 16 - 17 dpo?



  • Well reading through this i can offer some positive i hope, my cycles were 34-36 days long, and believed i ov'd around 20-24 (quite late), and the day I got my bfp, the only thing i noticed was blue veins runningi nto my nipple's too, nothing else! So all i can say to your bfn, is how sure are you when you ov'd, maybe your not as far dpo as you thought? x
  • your symptoms are the same as my symptoms, and you can get false bfn! i'd say give it a couple of days and test again!
    I'm now 13+1.
    Good luck
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