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can anyone help

Hello girls,
im 24+4 days and when i wiped i had a very small line of red blood on the tissue,i phoned the midwife and she said if i have no pain or more bleeding it will be ok,she is moving ok and i listened to her heart beat and its fine.
we have not had sex for this to happen.
im really scared i don want my baby to come yet or any thing happen to her.
anyone else had this
cheers girls
emma 24+4 xxxxxxx


  • hi emilymummy

    as ur midwife said its ok then please try not to worry, but i understand how in reality that is very hard to do. if u r still worried, as i'm sure i wld be, then lease phone ur labour ward and explain the situation to them, they may just say the same as ur mw but again they may also ask u to go in for an examination and monitoring.

    hope all is well
    take care

    31wks today
  • It might be piles. Ive had blood from that and worked myself up something stupid. They can bleed a fair bit and its fresh red.
  • ooh good thinking clare, lol that thought never even crossed my mind hahaha. ur much more rational than me lol

  • it could be i have really been struggling going to the toilet.i have had no more and baby had been moving loads,
    im drinking fresh orange so hopefully that will help
    cheers girls
    emma xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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