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rash - allergy/teething/illness?


Yesterday my lo (23 weeks) came out in a red, blotchy rash on her groin/upper legs and under her arms. Took her to the doctor today and he seemed to think that it was a reaction to something, but as I haven't given her anything new I am a little doubtful that it is a food allergy, especially as she doesn't have any of the blotches on her face. She has had pear both days (but she has had this quite a few times with no problems) and some porridge which contains quinoa (she has only started having this recently, but it isn't the first time I've given it to her). I am pretty allergic myself so I wouldn't be surprised if she did have allergies, however I have never had a reaction to food which hasn't affected my mouth/face.
She has had very bright red cheeks and a rash round her face and neck for a week or so, but this is more like a dermitis and which I am pretty sure is due to teething as she has been dribbling excessively and is very unsettled.
I know teething can cause a rash on the body, but has any experienced this and did it look like hives?
I would really appreciate any advice, my doctor wasn't very much help at all!



  • hey hun. cameron has just got his 1st 2 teeth a few weeks back. he didnt have any rash with the 1st, except a little redness around his mouth from dribbling. but he had slimy nappies with the 2nd and this caused a little rash on his tush, kind of red spots with red soreness around it. it cleared up with a few days bepanthem though.
    to be honest iv never known of rash coming on their arms and legs for teething. My neice was recently taken to hospital with a similar rash though, cheeks, chest and arms and was told it was a viral infection. for which there was no treatment other than plenty sleep and regular food.
    perhaps give the porridge a miss for a few days? it could be the wheat or oats out of the porridge as babies can develop gluten/wheat allergies quite easily. especially if given before 6 months...or so hv says.
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