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am i a bad mummy 4 givin lo jars of food

hi girls, this may sound really stupid but i am starting to feel really bad that most of jack's meals are jars of baby food. He usually has the puree fruit cereal 4 breakfast, a jar of like chicken & rice 4 lunch & them some mashed up fresh fruit & yogurt for his tea. I have tried makin him some pureed veg, potato & carrot & stuff but it just seems to make him gag so i went back to the jars. Now people are always tellin me how the make their lo's organic fresh veg etc 4 their meals & feel like im a bad mummy now 4 not doin same. Wondered what sort of things every1 else gives their lo's, i struggle most at lunchtime & if any1's got any recipe's they think i could try out would be v much appreciated. Jack is only 5months by the way. Thanks girls x


  • Hiya Spec.
    I give my lo jars of food aswell but i dont feel guilty about it. As long as your baby is feeding fine and is healthy. It doesnt matter. I dont really have the time to make my own purees with me being at work but my lo loves the food.
    Hope this helps.

    Roxi xxxx
  • I felt a bit guilty about this too, then I realized as long as my lo is eating I don't mind whether it's a jar or homemade! It won't harm your lo so don't feel bad. Not everyone has time to make organic puree!

  • Gabe has a mix of both but he prefers the jar food. He has homemade fruit puree but not main meals as I wouldn't know what to make (apart from a roast dinner and cauli cheese, chicken and sweet pots which are the only homemade foods he has!) and I really can't be arsed to make all the Annabel Karmel recipes as they look so complicated! Once Los are on finger foods its much easier as they can eat pretty much anything, so please don't feel guilty, as long as he is eating it doesnt matter. Jars have good ingredients these days anyway. xx

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  • Kelsie hated the Jar food and only eats our food now!! Even things like the deserts apple crumble and banana things she hates :lol:

    Fussy child!!

  • oh thanks girls i can stop feeling guilty now, some people just hav a way of makin u feel inferior. I feel much better now & i certainly dont hav a problem with jack eating he loves all his food. Thanks again x x
  • i dnt use jars but u shouldnt feel bad for using them.All id say is watch the ingredients in some of them.I know heinz in particualr are the worst alot of their products contain sugar and fillers.Hipp organic,organix,plum baby and ellas kitchen are all good ones that on occassion i have bought if iv not taken anything out with me.I know alot of people that use jars on a regular basis and their lo's are doing great so just do whatevers best 4 u.The only thing id say is try and make sure you do move onto lumps instead of sticking to the really smooth ones.I klnow someone that didnt persevere with the lumpy ones and her lo was one jars of food until about 18mths old and is still fussy now at the age of 4!!May just be a coincidence i dnt know.An easy one for you to makle yourself is bannana and avacado,its really soft and easy to mush up and full of iron and prebiotics xxxx
  • There is nothing wrong with jars. You are a wonderful mummy who clearly cares and worries plenty about their child's diet which means you probably have nothing to worry about. I think it's more important to get them to eat good wholesome food than exactly who cooked it.

  • i made all of justins my self but with maya it was a combination of jars and home made as i just didnt have the time to do them all my self, and i think poor charlie is going to end up with more jars than maya did, at time i do feel guilt about it but so long as he is happy with it that all that really matters x
  • MyLO has a choice of things to eat as some days he can be picky about how the food is prepared LOL. He has a draw in the kitchen just for his jars and packet dried food and a draw of basic veg and fruit purees in the freezer.

    Im really bad in the kitchen so he wont usually touch eat the veg puree, but he loves the fruit ones mixed with porridge for breakfast.

    Dont let any one make you feel inferior when it comes to looking after your LO, children pick up so easily on mommys emotions.

  • i too feel guilty about giving lo jars. I used to do ALL home made food but when i went back to work it got difficult to find the time to do it. Harri is nearly 13 months now so eats alot of what we eat but blended down but i do give him jars some days and feel guilty i only even buy hipp organic one tho as they seem to be the tastiest,lol. Harri also has a sandwhiches some days for lunch too. When ur lo is old enough just try introducing fruit via finger food, harri now likes oranges,bannana and kiwi i try him on a new fruit every few weeks. Im going to try not to feel so guilty from now on! Harri is such a poor eater im glad to get anyhting down him some days xxxx
  • we have a mix of jars and home made. it will be much easier to give other stuff when your lo can eat the same as you or sandwiches and things. they wont be on jars forever.

    oh one thing i heard though is dont feed all organic jars, give some of the others too. as in order to be certified as organic, the companies cannot add iron to them which is what a baby needs plenty of in their diet after 6 months as their stores from birth run low.
    think that was in annabel karmels book which i would def recommend. cauliflower cheese goes down a treat at our house. just boil up some cauli in one pan. in another melt knob of butter, add a tbsp flour, mix in half a pint of whole milk and mix to thicken, add in a handful of cheese and voila! stick it all in a blender and puree away!

    dont feel bad, i know what you mean about feeling inferior but next time theyre going on about how long they spend in the kitchen remind them of how much time you get bonding with your baby instead...which is more important?!!
  • I do try to make my own stuff but i'm not very confident! & feel guilty giving Jars :roll:

    So I use the Ella's Kitchean, Plum, Organix & Hipp Organic ranges - I taste them all & if it's not something that I think is edable for us, I wouldn't give it to him.. I do cook for him Puree'd veg and cheese which he'll ect for me.. and he just turned 6 months yesterday so I will try and give him what we are having more offten - I think I wasn't blending long enough - I had lumpy rather than what I should be aiming for is more textured than the pure purees... I did chop up cucomber yesterday and he loved sucking it - bit needs help because he cant seem to hold it at his mouth properly! hope this helps hun! your certainly not alone any ways! x
  • my baby is 11 months and nainly has jars she prefers them and i dont care as long as she eats sometging. sometimes i mix jars with home made sweet potato and carrotts it nakes me feel better feel like she having something fresh and i always do fresh fruit purees as she gets older you can start giving more finger foods anyway please dont worry or feel guilty abouy the whole organic thing i cant afford to buy organic as i have chosen to be a mostly stay at home mummy amd i refuse to feel guilty for it. you are the best mummy not a bad mummy cus you want whats best for your baby x
  • thank you so much for your replies girls, you have all made me feel so much better. i may try blending a jar of food with a bit of fresh sweet potato or something just so he gets a bit of fresh stuff. am not going to worry from now on and just be happy that he likes his food, suppose i'd be worrying more if he wouldn't eat anything!! thanks once again everyone
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