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braxton hicks?

Should they be painful? im having cramp type things and its so painful, ive taken paracetamol but that doesnt seem to ease it. i dont remember them being like this first time around.

Hannah 27+3 xx


  • Hey no from what I've heard they're not supposed to be. I get them a lot but they've never been painful, maybe sometimes uncomfortable but they don't really last long enough to be painful.
    I'd give your mw a call to see what she thinks.
  • When I was pregnant last time I got them and they weren't sore my belly just used to go rock hard for a min or so.

    I would call the MW or head to the hospital to be on the safe side

  • I was told if they continued constantly to call my MW as this is not normal! When I get them they go after 10-15 minutes and are uncomfortable rather than painful!

  • Thanks for the advice girls, they have calmed down a bit now but if they do continue then ill phone my mw straight away, best to be on the safe side i guess! thanks again image xxx
  • I have been getting them too, and it can be quite painfull. The advice I have been given is that they shouldn't last longer than 30 seconds, and shouldn't be regular (like every x minutes).

    Talk to your MW if you are worried though.
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