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Learning to talk lol

Isn't it funny when toddlers learn to talk, Isaac likes to run around the house shouting macca pacca but the trouble is he can't pronounce it very well so it sounds like he's shouting bugger bugger :lol::lol::lol:


  • Freya doesn't say anything as funny as that but Ta comes out as Dar, Dad comes out as Da, Hello come out as Hira. LoL

    Oh and when she waves bye bye she actually waits till the person has left and the door is closed before she waves. LoL

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • today Sonny put 2 legible word together, they were "mamma, nunna" nunna is what we call his dummy, he said it with such a hopeful look on his face & when I said "no nunna" he kicked the fridge & stormed off image
  • lol. Kara chats away to herself in her own language but she does say some words really clearly. She actually calls me Mummy and at times goes 'my mummy;. She says and waves bye bye to everyone and every time she sees a baby she says baby and points and laughs. There is a few other words she says as well but can't remember exactly. When she wants something she points at it and says 'me' to get it. Its so cute when they start to talk.
  • HA HA How funny!

    Joshua says bisc when he wants an organix oat biscuit. And last week when I got out of the car to go to work he said bye bye mumma but hasnt said it since. He says yog for yoghurt and points at the fridge, and when he says toast he says it in such a high pitched voice with a big grin on his face! I love trying to teach him words xxx
  • I think I've got a gobby one image !!! Rhianna says Daddy (Daaa dee) Mummy (which comes out as mum-mum) Oli, Katie (Kay-teeeee), Baby, Boy, Girl, Bye, More, please (kind of!) Daisy (properly too, very impressive!) and can do a range of animal impressions. I blame having an older brother with too much time on his hands - he's also taught her to do a 'scary' face which involves holding her hands up and out and pulling her mouth back - it's hilarious! Must see if I can get a photo......We've got some clever cuties on here image xxx
  • We've renamed Neve the Russian, she says Daaa instead of ta and Dada with a really deep voice. She has also just learned the actions to incy wincy spider which make me want to cry with love whenever she does it!
  • Aw it's so cute isn't it?!

    Lily can say sooo many words now and is putting 2 or sometimes 3 words together.

    My favourite thing she says is 'boots' which sounds really Scottish when she says it, even though we're from Yorkshire! She sounds like Shrek! :lol:

    Also she actually tells me every day this story about what happened on new year's day...she says fireworks, bang, then does a fake cry and says mummy, then pretends to brush her teeth and go to sleep! All cos the fireworks were loud and scared her so she cried for me and I took her up to clean her teeth and put her to bed. She's too clever by far for 20 months!

  • Lewis says FOT for HOT and i know what it is but when he says it out and about people think he is saying FU**, and then they laugh and am like thats not what he is saying!

    Lewis is putting words together, he can say bob builder, and boots and socks but i think he is going to have a lisp and the words are funny lol, marbles the cat, and he says roxy dog or puppy! and he says mummy cuggle (cuddle) or mummy kiss!

    he can say quite alot when i think about it! and then the next time he just sits and bables in baby language
  • James has all the usual words and, in typical boys style, his first real word was tractor. Today though he had me crying with laughter. As posted in the tv topic he loves Deal or no Deal so when he picked his play phone up today I asked 'who are you phoning?' he turned to me and just said 'banker' as clear as day. I could have died laughing. Obviously I was on my own and haven't been able to get him to say it since !!!!
  • they all sound so cute, loving the phoning the banker nessellis that is hilarious, reminds me of when my eldest was about 3 and they were building a sainsburys near to us, when I said to him that the builders were making a sainsburys. He replied with "sainsburys making life taste better" think maybe he was watching too much t.v. image
  • Awww so cute reading all the posts!
    Ben isnt putting words together yet and still no sign of mummy though he is saying Grandma and Grandad!pah theres graditude for you lol!!
    He says "Charl"for our dog Charlie and then does a woof woof noise which is so cute!
    Also stands in the kitchen near the cupboard where his biscuits are kept saying "Bic-Bic"and points at microwave and says "ding-ding"when his lunch ect is being warmed up lol
    Says lots of other words too and i just love hearing his little voice,cant wait till he says mummy clearly and puts sentances together awwwwww lol
  • what cute reading, its so funny all the things our little ones come out with! Fflur can say loads of words i'm sure only me and hubby can understand most though, like "mank" is milk and that "mummee" is dummy and i'm mammy ! :lol:
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