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Havn't wrote anything for a while. My last topic was about taking my little one to a mother and baby group. We went and he loved it. It was nice but the people there do it voluntary, so EVERYTHING was up to them to sort out, bless em... but this meant of course if I started coming regulary I would have to get in there setting everything up and cleaning etc...
To be honest I didnt really want to "work" whilst being in a mother and baby group??! Do you have to watch everyone elses child in mother and baby groups?? I'm very keen to watch my own, they told me they'd be watching my little one if I was with another child??I felt like saying..BUT I WANT TO WATCH MY OWN LITTLE ONE!! I'm all confused :\? Am I being selfish? Should I be doing this work in baby groups? I was under the impression these groups are a relaxing place for mums to meet and babys to play and you watch and be with your own?
Sorry its been a long read....One more question.... What are the benefits of swimming with your baby? Is it healthy for baby and me? I'm still breast feeding about 5 times a day. xx


  • hello babe mmm how strange i want to join a group cus my 11 month old loves other children but id rather pay than have to help out might sound shallow but i want to be able to watch my child only i dont trust any one else,
    i go swimming with my baby every week and i can talk about it all day!!!! but i do pay for private water babies swimming lessons well worth every penny and i sacrifice other things for this expense/ at 11 monyhs she is being thrown into water and can scramble up and hold on to bar. she can also swim under water , i would never have confidence to let ny baby swim under water had i not been to these lessons.
  • Thanx for replyin. I might look else where for another baby group were they don't need as much help? I'm keen to take my one swimming, he's 10 months old now and loves bathtime so maybe swimming wil be nice for him. Its difficult to find any decent baby groups where I live. I moved to were I live now at the end of 2007 and I havn't made any friends so I have to search and try everything for myself 1st! I'll keep you posted on what happens.:\)
  • We go to three groups a week and a bounce and rhyme class, the Monday group has a rota where people put their name down for things like washing up - to be honest I have enough washing up to do at my own house so next Monday I am trying one that is more like the others. Never heard of the idea of watching someone elses children instead of your own - sounds a bit daft I think!

    Swimming is a great idea - we have been taking Neve since she was about 4 months and she loves it - really tires her out as well which is a relief sometimes!

    Princess I am the same as you - I moved back to my home town at the end of August but have been away for so long that I have had to start again - really hard work sometimes!
  • mm that is a bit odd! Most of the groups we go to are run by volunteers but if you want to help out, you put your name down on a rota to open or tidy up or make the teas etc.
  • That does sound a bit odd. I help run a baby group and we are volunteers, we dont ask other mums to help run it (unless they want to) and we certainly don't watch over other peoples children, everyone is responsible for their own child, and like you I have my own child there so I am watching him. There is a team of us 2 of us set up and put away we have children and another 2 or 3 who dont have children make the drinks. Definitley look for another group, I wouldnt say that is the norm. x
  • It does sound a wee bit odd that you would be expected to watch someone elses child while someone else watched yours. The group I go to is run by volunteers everyone just pitches in when it comes to setting up & putting the toys away. We do a rota to make the teas but you ony end up doing that 3 times within the year so thats not too bad & noone minds. We all watch our own children though everyone keeps an eye out for the other children too. Its a fairly small & friendly group though

    Hilary x
  • Hi,
    Our mother and baby group isn't really like that so maybe look for another instead? Saying that we're lucky as the only one near me is lovely and I'm not sure it would be worth the treck to find another if it wasn't lovely.
    We started Waterbabies on Sunday and he LOVED it! I would totally agree with westbrom1 about the worth the expense. Think ours wan't that well organised last week but the lesson itself was great and the prospect of him being able to swim under water and be water confident is so important.

    Here he is trying to drink the pool dry!!
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