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Finger food

Jason's nearly 9 months now & has got 7 teeth if that makes any difference & i wana try him on some different finger foods. so far we've given him crumpets n rusks both of which he loves.

anyone got any ideas??? i want to start giving him toast for his breakfast but oh keeps saying no n we end up arguing!! (sounds stupid i know)


  • 7 teeth? my lo's are 2 next month and they only have 8!

    Veg is a good finger food, par boil carrots, sweede, brocolli.

    def toast and try breadsticks they are usually a winner

    fruit cut into chunks esp banana

  • Thanks for the ideas girls, tried him on banana a few weeks back n although he liked it it kept slidding out of his fingers! lol

    is he ok wi chees tho? bin tld by hv not to gve it to him till he's yr? :-/
  • Nathans 8 months and has cheese quite a lot. I thought it was good for them as its high in fat and calcium but that you should avoid soft cheese.

    We're having macoroni cheese for dinner tonight which is obviously full of it!! Also for finger food I've been recommended to try cheese on toast which we're going to try in a min when he wakes from his nap. Also he has rice cakes and pretty much any of the baby made finger foods. Oh was giving him dry shreddies this morning which he really enjoyed but I think they probably have too much sugar in to be given regularly.

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