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my poor boy

Lennon had really bad constipation (sp) this morning i have never seen him like this,and there was nothing i could do for him,for about 20-30 mins he was pushing (sorry tmi) i honestly thought he was going to cry,he wouldnt let me rub his back or wouldnt move around as i thought the movement would do him good all i could do was cuddle and sway him,i hate not being able to help as i didnt have any pure orange or prune juice in the house,mite just get some in now for 'just incase'


  • Ellie has the problem to the point where she bleeds passing a stool and she has to take a tin of oranges every day and prune juice with her cereal and hers are still hard! she has been on lactulose and movical but they dont work either, the doc says she has a lazy bowel or something so i have to stick strictly to oranges and prune juice or she wouldnt go for up to a week at a time and this has been from birth.
    I hope he feels better soon, its awful seeing them in pain like that. xxx
  • oh diane that doesnt sound very nice for Ellie what a shame

    he was at my mums yesterday so i dnt no if she gave him anything different,but hes fine now x thank you
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