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Not had my post natal check up

Hi Girls

Ive not had my 6 week post natal check up yet, my lo is 9 weeks old today, is this important that i get this done?



  • Hiya
    For me it was important that i went as i'd had an episiotomy so needed to check i'dhealed properly and as it turned out. Also they sort out contraception etc and jst generally make sure ur ok, so i spose it is quite important. Has ur lo had theirs?
  • Hiya

    I'll make an appointment for a check up for myself, i had a natural birth no pain releif except some gas n air and no stiches, but i bled quite alot afterwards, so maybe i should im sure i also need a smear test, i just phoned the docs about my little boys check up as it hasnt been carried out, but they said they are running a bit behind, he's 10 weeks next week running nearly a month behind!

  • I had mine at the hospital as after having I was taken to theatre and was stitched up. Consultant wanted to see me personally. I think this was when Lily was 8 weeks. She also had her check up then at baby clinic by our baby doctor.
  • My GP's were running late as well. Think LO was 10 weeks when we both finally had our checks. Was told not to arrange for my smear test til at least 3 mths after the birth as dodgy hormones after the birth can lead to abnormal responses. I still have to sort this (LO 7 mths now). As for discussing contraception they just said that the coil would be best and to discuss it at the local family planning clinic. I dont feel comfortable about having coil fitted - so that was out. The pil was out as I have high blood pressure and am over weight. Guess the implant and injection would be out for the same reason. So OH has rather unhappily gone back to condoms LOL. Didnt need the GP to discuss it with me anyway really did I.

    I guess that my check was important as I had an emergency section, but already knew there wasnt any probs after having MW and HV check the wound. And LO's check was pretty useless as well as he had already seen another practice doctor the week before as he had a lousy cold, so know he was ok as well.

    Beck n Zacky

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