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Gender Scans vs 4D

Hi All,

Forgive me for being dim but I just can't figure out which one we should go for.

I would love to hear people's opinions - obviously the more expensive you go for the better deal you get but after having my 20 week scan today, I don't think I would want such a detailed scan again but who knows. We were thinking of just going to get the gender confirmed?

If you can let me know what happened at either one I would be grateful!!!


  • Hi Steph,

    Thank u for replying.

    We are umming and ahhhing more so cos of the cost - would it be worth it?

    Which company did u use - thats very reasonable price?!

  • Hi dippymummy2b

    We decided to have a gender scan at 21 weeks just to be 100% sure she was a girl as wanted to go pinkmad!

    Our gender scan was only ??45. They did show us our little girl in 4D but i found it abit too much..... prob better when your futher along than i was, but i realise every1 is different and may love the experience.
    We went to window to the womb in wollaton (notts) which was advertised on here.

    Do whatever feels right for you

  • Hiya

    I 100% recommend the 4d scan!!

    We had it done when i was 24 weeks pregnant and it was the most amazing experience ever!! image

    I couldnt belive how much she looked like a proper baby already! She is gorg! We obv found out she was a girl, we got a 10 minute long 4D dvd with 4 soundtracks on it (makes it emotional lol), 6x 3D photos, photo frame and health checklist. The sonographer was fab and spent about an hour with us. It was sooo nice and it cost ??200 but well worth it!
    I will definately do it again with baby no2!

    Sharon xx

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