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1st birthday present ideas

what could i get daisy for her birthday its hard being so close to christmas. i was thinking of getting the fisherprice zebra spin thing has any ome else goy one


  • That's come round so fast!! How about one of the smart trike type things from Mothercare?? Poppy has a fab one that we bought her for her birthday. I love the zebra thing too!!
  • We were hoping to get Tommy one of those zebra thingys but we got a long wait til June so might nab some of your ideas lol

    Cannot believe its time for you to be sorting out 1st birthday already - and you Lara!!!

    Where has the time gone lol
  • We bought cole the ball table from ELC for his birthday- this one here
    He absolutely loves it.

    He also got the mothercare smart trekker (I think its called) bike - not the smart trike - this one is suitable from age 1 - 5 or so. He loves it too!!

    Out of all the birthday/christmas presents, i think those two are the favourites as well as the boots busy baby box
  • We got Lexi (1 on 24th Feb) the Fisher Price Sing and Learn Chair for christmas and she loves it, I would definately recommed this, she sits on the chair babbling away swinging her legs to the tunes, so cute! We also got her the Zebra Bounce and Spin but she is a wee bit too small for it yet, prob as it is for 12mts+, I could not wait to get her it lol !
  • My dd has one, she got one for Christmas, shes 17months. We like it, but I think its a lot of money for what it is. She has a rocking bear and other ride along toys that shes loves just as much. Kia that table looks like great fun, wish I had room for one, but with all dds toys and a new baby on the way theres not much room in my house lol. She also has the smart trike, and there brilliant!! x x
  • ooh great ideas thank yiu girls. yes daisy 1 on 16th feb so exactly one month away. she had a 7 in 1 trekker from moithercare for christmas and i have to agree its brill, but i am loving that activity table she loves balls think ill get that she has one of those treehouse things witj yhe balls and loves posting them in the holes. that chair sounds good too gonna google that now . thanks girls any more ideas
  • Charlotte was 1 on Tuesday. We bought her a Harvey rocking horse from Mamas & Papas. Unfortunately she wont sit on it yet I don't think she's sure exactly what it is! Hopefully she'll get used to it soon. I've heard good things about that zebra spin toy, sounds like a good idea to me.
  • well ive been and bought the activity table from elc it looks perfect for daisy so thank you kia she loves pulling herself and standing up and she loves balls so she will love it . only ??30 too so i can still buy other things!!!!! ccbmummy congratulations charlotte on your 1st birthday. i bought daisy lotty the ladybird rocking horse from mamas and papas as it was a bargaing in argos ??19.40 reduced from ??65 just before christmas but she wont sit on it either. she loves ride on things but she doesnt like this rocking horse im hoping she will when shes older.
  • Aw glad to have helped image Cole loves balls too which is why we bought it. The bits come off easy too for taking out all the stuff that isn't meant to go in there! lol! Hope she likes it, and happy birthday to Daisy image

    hayls - if it helps, the legs go on pretty easily so you could always take them off to store it.

    For us..definately well worth the money image
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