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do you talk about BE?

i find myself always saying to my mum or my OH and my mates "oh the girls on babyexpert said...."

i'm always telling my OH whats going on on here, and i update him on peoples stories and stuff (not that's interested though being a man!)

and when people ask where i got advice from i always say you guys!! my SIL is pregnant at the minute and i keep accidentally saying "oh the girls on BE think blaa blaa about blaa blaa" hehe! i just can't help myself!


  • :lol: I do it as well! all the time sure people think I have imaginary 'friends' :lol: but each night when i'm on here my OH always says 'anything intresting happening on BabyExpert babe?' :lol: x
  • Lol, I am always doing this! In fact the other day oh finished what I was about to say as we were on about dry skin and as soon as I opened my mouth to speak oh said....'the girls on BE said' :lol:
    That's when I kinda know I've been spending too much time on here!
  • Im very guilty of this!! I talk about baby ex to my oh all the time! I also discuss it with other friends who I have introduced to baby ex and they have also become addicted! lol! x
  • Yup i do it too. My dh even has a nosey on here and then says 'did you hear about such and such' lol.
  • Do it all the time!!! Glad someone else does it too! Since all the advice so far has been great (highchairs, Jumperoos, what to do after a bump etc!) oh listens carefully when I say 'the girls reckon....' Thank God for BE that's what I say!x
  • Yep i do it all the time, Hubby moans that i'm always on here but he reads it over my shoulder and thinks i don't notice! x
  • I talk about it too!! :lol:

  • i am allway talking about it to my oh
  • me 2! i swear written on my gravestone will be "On baby expert...."
  • I mention it to my hubby and I've told my Hv too!! But when I mention it to the likes of my SIL I just say 'the baby forum I read....' because I think I'd be too easy to spot if she knew I read here and came reading herself and I've slagged OH family something rotten!!!
  • Yeah, I talk about it a lot with my oh! I think it must get on his nerves, but whenever something comes up that we're not sure about he always suggests that I post on here- so he appreciates the advice as well!
  • I do the same thing MrsT-wouldn't say which forum I come on JIC!!
  • I do! I say things to my OH and mum all the time! You can see my OH eyes glaze over as I do it! Mind you he's always on his rugby supporters club forum so he can't complain!
  • me too! i tell rob all about everything on here whos had babies etc! whos doing what! and when im talkin to people and they say who ? im like oh one of the girls of be! xx
  • I emailed it_must_be_loves birth story to my hubby!!! I think I was only 20 wks at the time. I'd said we were looking at around 24 hrs as it was my first pregnancy and he didnt believe me, then IMBL posted her epic so he had to read it!!! image

    And I'm always telling him about things I've read off here.... He went to get me standard sanitary towels instead of maternity ones when we were in Tescos and I told him not too because of the story where someone caught their stitches in the top layer image He gets 'theres this girl on BE....' quite alot :lol:
  • Completely guilty!!

    My DH even knows a lot of the names off by heart now and says oh is that the one who ....???

    He was driven mad the other night with - do we live near here there and everywhere so I could work out who else I might be able to meet up with.

  • :lol: @ Mrs T .. Sorry I didn't mean to scare you with it! I think I was tramtised and really needed to share it! :lol: would have LOVED to see your OH's face having read it tho! :lol:

    I show OH things on her when i'm trying to prove MY point! lol & luckily he takes it all as gospel .. if it's on BE it must be true!! haha and sometimes when we dont know What to do.. he says why don't you ask the girls! meaning you lot! :lol:

    I love BE!

    have you seen the group he set up on Facebook - I'm a Baby Expert widower! :lol: xx
  • I do too! My dh thinks it's great that I have people to chat to about baby (and non-baby) related things. He even tells me to ask q's on here sometimes. And I send him links by msn to topics I want him to read!
  • Yeah i do exactly the same thing lol x
  • I recomend this site to all of the moms I come into contact with at the surestart centre I attend, and friends and family that are mommies. I find myself saying "well, I get good info from this site I go on, so try it". Dont think any have yet though. LOL. probably get sick of me saying this.

    OH is sick to death of me being on here, and has taken off to the other computer at the mo ....probably spend the night on facebook now. Will tell him bout the group on there that was mentioned 'BE widowers'.

    Me and the baby will probably finish watching Alien vs Predator then go to bed now. LOL.
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