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A couple of nights ago my two year old daughter did a poo in the bath it scared her and now sheis too frightened to go in the bath. She was clinging to me and wouldn't let go.

Has anybody had experience of this or any advice to get her back in?

Thanks x


  • Matthew (21m) has done it (a while ago tho) but it didn't worry him (typical boy LOL!)
    Could you go in the bath her? Or maybe give her a shower til she's a bit more comfortable again?
    Hope that helps
  • Is she potty training yet? Maybe it would help her understand about her bodily functions and then realize it's not so scarey? No idea though as lo only 1 sorry
  • Sonny has pooed in the bath & we have had a struggle getting him to not touch it & drink the bath water whilst we clean it up & drain the bath!!!

    I would suggest getting in with her & also if she does it again making light of it by laughing & saying it's ok. Yo dont' say how old she is but tbh if she is at the mid toddler stage it is probably attention & dramatics instead of a real fear so just making her get int he bath even if she is acrying a bit might get her over it too.

    Who knows whats best, strange creatures these kids!!! image
  • Thanks for your replies

    She is just two. She always loved the bath but I think it is partly our fault for whipping her out when she had done it.

    i don't think she is ready for potty training yet plus we have a 3 week old baby so need to get him into a routine first.

    Will try the shower and maybe getting in with her but don't want to be getting in with her every night really

    Will let you know how we get on tonight

  • Hi there, my lo developed a little fear of the bath after he had a particularly bad poo and my oh decided to shower him in the bath..he didn't like it one bit. Anyway it did take one of us getting in with him and lot's of toys/bath books for him to love his baths again. He loves books so getting in with him and immediatelt starting a bath book helped...lots of singing etc too. He's now happy to bath on his own so hopefully you will only need to do it a few times for her to get over the fear. x
  • My little girl poo's in my Mums bath 9 times out of 10. Only ever in my Mums bath, only once in our bath when she first started using the big bath. She likes to poo in the bath, finds its funny and giggles uncontrolable if she farts and it bubbles. I swear she should have been a boy. LoL.

    I agree with all of the above, try getting in the bath with her and possible potty training or explaining what body functions are. It a toughy. Good luck with it.

    Kerry, Freya 15 months, Pink Bump 26+3
    X X X
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