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white eye reflection in photos

hi i'm just wondering if anyone had any experience with white eye reflection in their childrens photos? my daughter is going to hospital to get her eyes checked as a result of photos coming out with white eye... i'm really worried...


  • i havnt but i remember it being on a programme i watched gunna annoy me now coz i cant think what it was called.... harley street i think. and they had a baby that had white eye reflection. x
  • Hun i dont want to scare you but there has been strong links with white eye photos and childerns cancers. When is she getting seen? its very important she gets seen asap. Is she ok in herself? eating ok, drinking ok etc? xxxxxxx
  • hi diane i know of the links as i googled b4 i took her to the doctors and this is why i'm sooo worried. i know it can be other things or it could be nothing but i'm beside myself with worry. she is fine, infact just going thro a growth spurt she is constantly hungry. i got a call today to take her into hospital fri morn. that's taken 1 1/2wk to come thro.
  • Hopefully the hospital will rule out anything serious for you, it must be a worry though. finger crossed all goes well for you friday. xx
  • hi all to those who posted and are interested my wee 1 had her check and nothing abnormal was found apparently the optic nerve if photographed at a certain angle can show as white i guess i was just unfortunate to catch it alot on film!! so all is well and panick over. thanks to those who did post to me image
  • so glad its good news for your LO hun xx
  • ahh really pleased its nothing to worry about! xx
  • Wow wouldn't have even known to be concerned about this! I'm so glad everything is ok what a relief for you!
  • really pleased its nothing to worry about. xx
  • thanks yeh a huge relief i was sick with worry. i only knew to check it out having read ages ago b4 i had my wee 1 about a wee girl who had the condition. the doctor was great and said they like to check out these issues just incase it didn't take long and she was really good! bribbed by promise of icecream hehe.
  • glad all is well hun. xxx
  • I'm so glad it turned out to be nothing. xxx
  • So glad everything turned out ok, I actually breathed a sigh of relief when i saw you'd posted everything was fine, so i can't imagine how happy you must have felt!

    Amy. x
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