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IUI - has it worked for anyone?

Hi girls

I've been lurking for a while because we've not made any progress and we were sent off by our consultant 6 months ago to 'just keep trying' so have been trying to chill out and just let nature take its course. Well no luck so far and we have our next appointment next week to hopefully be referred for IUI and then IVF. My worry is that everything I read about IUI seems to say it has a very low success rate. Has anyone had any luck with it or know anyone who has?





  • Hi hun - how are you? I've been meaning to post you a post.

    I think IUI is ok if you and hubbys bits and peices work ok. /they wait til your ov then put the sperm right up there ready to get the egg. I have never heard of anyone having it, but they wouldn't suggest it if they didn;t think it was worth a shot!

    I remember you disapearred from here for while but can't remember why. Everything ok now?

    Take Care

  • Hi!

    Lovely to 'see' you again even though I wish neither of us were still over here on LTTTC. I've been lurking a bit but not really posting in an attempt to remain relaxed and chilled out (hmmmm, some hope!). Our consultant sent us away in June and said to come back in Feb but that he was sure we'd have got our BFP by then. So much for that! We have our next appointment on Thursday when we're hoping to be referred for treatment straight away, so fingers crossed that as you say the IUI might work since they've not found any obvious problems yet.

    How are things with you? I'm so sorry to see that you suffered a miscarriage. I hope that you are on the mend both physically and emotionally, though I'm sure both take some time.

    So nice to see such a familiar face - I've just noticed that we joined BE within 5 days of each other! Let's hope that this is our year and we'll be over on the pg forums in no time.

  • Hi Daisy Girl

    I havent tried IUI nor do I know anyone who has. However, we are currently about to start our first cycle of IVF, I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.
    At our appointment the doctor talked us through both options. He told us that as we had tried clomid with no success and we have 'unexplained infertility' IUI was probably a bad choice. The reason we are not getting pregnant is obviously far more complex so IVF was their recommendation. I have to say it was our choice as well.

    Talk to your doctor as he will have reasons for the choice. However, all the research suggests that IUI, although much less invasive, is far less likely to work. We were told 10 percent against 45 for IVF.

    Hope that helps and good luck x:\)
  • Hi,

    I'd also be really interested to hear about this.

    After 3 years TTC hubby and I have been given the label unexplained infertility. We're both coming up to 28, non-smokers and lead healthy lifestyles.

    We've been put onto the IVF/IUI waiting list and have been told there's only a 18 week waiting list so that's good news. Apparently we have the choice of 6 cycles of IUI or 1 cycle of IVF. What does anyone here think would be best?
  • hi there girls, nice to meet you all!

    have been reading up on IUI as we are curently on our 2ww, i hate this bit i am now soooo impatient - it has been nearly 4 years now so i think thats ok.

    we started treatment for IUI last year but always had too many eggs and couldnt go ahead, eventually we had a go with no luck ( 10 months of IUI and only one go). we decided to go ahead with IVF in October last year, but this time i didnt have enough eggs!!!! The consultant decided to convert us straight away to IUI hence 2WW.

    would like to hear from anyone going through similar.

    cheers image
  • Hi girls

    Thanks so much for the replies, it helps a lot to hear from people who have been through this or are at the same stage.

    Just a couple more questions - does anyone know if you need to leave a gap between IUI and IVF or if you can have the treatments on consecutive months? Also (probably a stupid question!), if you have clomid and end up producing lots of eggs, is there any problem in diminishing your supply of eggs for future treatments / conception?

    Wilmie - How exciting, lots and lots of luck with your IVF. I can only imagine how exciting it must be - hope it's not too long until we know for ourselves! You've really given us food for thought, I hadn't considered that we could skip IUI and go straight for IVF and considering all of the stats we've seen that could be a good idea. I think we're going to give the consultant a good grilling on Thursday and see what he thinks!

    Donna - what a difficult choice. I certainly don't know enough to offer any advice, but might be able to help later in the week. We get two cycles of IUI and then one of IVF, so the only choice is whether or not to go straight to IVF.

    Hi bumpsadazy, welcome to the forum! Lots and lots of luck with your IUI, you sound as if you've been through a lot already. Do you mind if I ask what happens with IUI and how many times you have to go into hospital for each cycle (we don't live anywhere near our hospital!).

  • hi ladies, just thought i'd give you all a bit of hope on the IUI. I'm not gatecrashing as i too have fertility problems. i have PCOS and don't ovulate and my ovaries don't realise the eggs should i get a follicule. we started trying back in 2004 with IUI and it took 8 months to achieve a pregnancy, we only got to the IUI stage twice though. i had a healthy baby girl in apr 2006. we knew we wanted more so waited until jan 2007 before going for treatment again. my condition had worsened and i needed SIUI. again it took 7 months with 3 attempts reaching IUI stage, on the 3rd attempt it worked and i gave birth to a beatiful baby boy mar 2008. i'm now in my first month of TTC #3.
    it's all worth it in the end but IUI does work. it's suprising actually when i talk to other mums at playgroup just how many of us have had IUI and IVF. only one mum though acheived a pregnancy on the 1st cycle of IUI, i'd say on average people had 2-4 IUI's before getting a pregnancy.

  • Hi Robynsmummy

    Thank you for your reply. It's great to hear from someone who IUI has worked for. Here's hoping it works for us too. I can certainly see the advantages since it seems much less invasive, it's just being 36 I suppose time is of the essence.

    Lots of luck ttc #3!

  • Hi ladies,

    I'm having my first consultation today regarding IUI. i'm a little aprehensive as its all new to me at the age of 26! I have read you posts and i am a little more settled. Fingers cossed this works for me as my hubby has had so much surgery and has been left heavily disabled (loss of limb, colostomy, testes not developed- list is endless)

    we've tried naturally for 6 years in the hope that we could conceive. However we have now come to acept that it just wasn't meant to be, so we are trying to use a sperm donor.

    I will let you know the outcome of our discussion and the plas. it has helped so much knowing i am not the only one strugglingand that for some it has been a sucess.

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