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Bad Baby lol

As I was putting the weekly shopping away, Isaac decided to help himself to a pot of cream in the fridge ( I didnt see him take it obviously) then he tipped it all over my lounge rug which we have only had a few months then trod it all over the floor and walked round saying bad baby ha ha ha :lol: thatll teach me to not keep an eye on him.


  • Its just amazing how quickly they can cause so much trouble and mess !!!!!!!!
  • hehe Lennon put a woden spoon and pan down the toilet,he was banging on them the last time i looked,next he has the bathroom door open and those things down the pan!!! thank god it wasnt a pan we use,it was an old 1
  • I feel for you, I had to remove Neve's poo from my carpet yesterday afternoon after she got away from me mid nappy change.
  • I wondered why my dog was putting on dd has been giving her extra scoops of food!!! I was watching her while I was on the phone and when she thinks no one is looking she goes and gets the dry dog food scoop and fills up the bloody dog bowl(who thought she was in heaven being fed so much lol)
    I made her jump and asked what she was doing and she turned round and said "the doggy bowl is empty"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Typical, little madam
  • Heehee
    Babs3 - I found Matthew force-feeding Pip (dog) her food the other morning cos she didn't want to eat it. Poor dog didn't have any choice as the pieces were being rammed in her mouth!
  • lol - dont you just love toddlers, they are so funny! xx
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