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How many wipes?? (for fun)

So I was cleaning Hugo's bottom today and it got me thinking ... how many wipes do I use?

So here is how we do it :P

Wipes: Huggies
Amount of wipes for a wet nappy: 1
Amount of wipes for a poo nappy: 2 (usually, if a massive poop can be up to 5)
Sex of child: male

Now what I wanna find out is, does a brand of wipes make a difference in amount :P, does the sex (boy or girl) matter??

Lol, this is just for fun!!!

And I applaud to mummies who use cotton and water - me way too lazy :P

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  • oh me way to lazy too!
    ok so pampers sensitive.
    pee pee = 1
    Poop = 2 - 5
    cameron pulling them out of pack = 40!!!

    cam is male also
  • This is a good one and I often think the same thing so.....
    Wipes: Johnson and Johnson
    Wet nappy: 1 wipe
    Poo nappy: 3 wipes (if it's horrendous (sp) possible 6)
    Sex of child: Male
    hehehe i wonder do you think girls are less messy? xx
  • I used cotton wool and water till Freya was about 8 weeks then I got lazy. Wipes for me depended on if I used resable nappies or disposible nappies and on the types of wipe.

    Reusable nappy (used for about 6 weeks, then got lazy) and Tesco own wipes.
    Wet = 2
    Poo = 3-5 (depending on size)

    Disposible nappies and Tesco own wipes
    Wee = 1
    Poo = 2-3

    My local supermarket is sommerfield and I have been known to buy there own when I have run out of Teso and they are pants. So thin and tend to spear reather the wipe so..
    Wet = 2
    Poo = 5+

    I had a girl by the way,

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • lmao!

    Wipes: Whatever's cheapest, usually sainsbury's own.
    Amount of wipes for a wet nappy: 1
    Amount of wipes for a poo nappy: 3-5
    Sex of child: female

    I grade her poos on how many wipes, sometimes I open her nappy and think 'Uh-oh, this is at least a 6-wiper!!'
  • like pumpkinpatch with the reusable nappies and the cotton wool!

    My reason for cotton wool is because we rarely heat our water up therefore water is cold unless boiled. However, my friends is a paeds nurse and they use aqueous cream which you can also use as soap in bath. SO Im thinking of trying hat next wk.

    Cotton wool...It takes me longer and I usually end up using more as she likes to wee when I wipe her front with a wet cotton wool ball! lol!
    Boots sensitive
    poo.....2 for av. and 4 for large
  • Wipes - Pampers sensitive.

    No. of wipes for a wee - 1.
    No of wipes for a poo - 2-3.
    Sex - Male.

    I use wipes at most changes but for the last one of the day I use cotton wool and water ... 1 piece for bits, 1 for bum! lol!

    Is the general consensus that lil girls need more wipes?
  • Mum to 1 - I was actually thinking that girls might need more than boys, because they have all the lil lips and folds and creases, boys have just round balls n willy :P
  • yeah but depending how hot they are the balls arent always round are they? if theyre baggy they can hide a hell of a lot of poop ender em! haha! cant believe we're having this conversation!

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  • Yeah I've often thought the same Fooxoo...Boys are pretty easy to clean as you know where all the poos gone!

    O/t slightly but my mil is a fabulous nappy changer - Once she changed Gabe's nappy (a yucky one too lol!) on a really bumpy coach trip - 2 wipes, 10 seconds, no mess!!! I would have been covered in it!
  • hahaha, funny post. I have a male, Ryan

    Tescos own wipes

    pee pee - 1
    poopoo - 2-5

    definatly would say boys are messier, lol

  • Just to add an extra angle to this conversation should we take into account:
    Age of babies
    Bottlefed babies
    Breastfed babies
    Babies on solids.

    When Freya was new born and bf I used more for poo's coz it spead further. Now she is fully weaned and on cows milk her poo's are more contained and solid so can wipe most of it off with the nappy first

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • little boy

    wee - 1 ... depending on if he decides to piss all over me....then maybe 4 or more!!
    poo - 3 - 6, depending on whether he gets his feet in it !! LOL image
  • little boy

    wee - 1 ... depending on if he decides to piss all over me....then maybe 4 or more!!
    poo - 3 - 6, depending on whether he gets his feet in it !! LOL image
  • Wipes - Johnsons
    Wet - 1 wipe
    Poo - 2-5
    Sex - female

    I would have thought boys would need more than girls. Im a bit scared off having a boy in case i cant clean his boy bits properly!
  • Cant believe you have actually counted how many wipes you use. I couldnt do that.

    I always seem to get the packs of wipes that all seem to pull out at the same time, so tend to use way more than I need. LOL.

    WIpes I use ASDA, Tesco, Johnsons (worst ),
    Wet: try to use 1 unless he decides to wee everywhere as well.
    Poo - As many as come out the pack when I pull (usually loads).
    Sex: Male
    Age: 31 weeks
    Bottle fed and on solids.

    He loves to open the wipes pull about 5 out at a time then choose 1 to suck. LOL.

  • :lol:

    Ollie used to be bf, and then it was
    and the brand was always been tesco (couldnt stand many of the others)

    now he is on cows milk and solids and i'd say
    poo 1-5 depending on how much there is
    type - tescos, asdas, boots own...

    he uses more for a poo now sometimes as if its a sticky on it doesnt tend to wipe so easily off his bum, and of course you have to get every bit out of the creases in his sac and round his willy otherwise it turns all red and sore.

  • Laughing my socks off at this!
    I have a girl, 10 and a half months.
    Nappies: Either asda's little angels or pampers, both active fit versions.
    Wipes:Asda's little angels (was always hooked on pampers for DS but I actually prefer Asda's ones now, they're brill!)
    Wee:1 wipe
    Poo: probably about 5 but it depends whether she's trying to escape or not, can be anything upto 10 if I just grab them out of the pack so I can chase her across the room!!

    P.S. Baby wipes are brill for cleaning leather sofas!!
  • Pee 1
    poo 2-5

    i also use them for cleaning hands and faces and i have three kids so that number can be rather on the high side lol x
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