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We done it!

We spent most of today rearranging Ollie's room, taking out anything we didnt want him to get hold of, and making sure he had a plentiful supply of toys....

and we've taken the sides off his cot!!! image

He seemed to go to bed ok, has shouted once or twice, but has stayed in the bed.... just wondering how long for! :lol:
Hopefully he will be ok, and if not come morning we're off to MILs so she can deal with the ratty irritable child while i go to sleep :lol: (and Ollie as well ;\) )

only thing we've got left to do now is sort out our room so we can actually get into bed! Didnt realise exactly how much stuff we had in there that he cant have. Need some overhead storage so were looking into that as well.

any recommendations great appreciated (and the width of the gaps are 130cm, and 85cm... we have two alcoves we can put cupboards into. image

Sorry, waffling now. Just excited that we've taken the plunge, and praying to god it goes ok!



  • Oh bless him in his big boy bed now.Its so strange when they are free to roam!!.
    When my son was first in his bed he didn't realise that he could get out as he was so used to his cot.!!!
    Then I made the mistake of calling him into our room as I couldnt be bothered to get out of bed one morning !!!! It was so cute watching him toddle into our room - but then he realised he could get out.Mistake noted for next time !!
  • Bless him!! I hope he's a good boy for you and that he enjoys his first night in his big boys bed!!
  • He was so good!!!!

    apart from falling out twice onto the pillow we put there he stayed in his bed all night, and even this morning when i was expecting the drawers to be emptied and toys everywhere, he was quietly playing in his bd with his usual two teddies!!!!!! image


    I'm so so so pleased and proud of him, and just hope it can continue like this image

  • Bless him, what a good boy!! How old is he? Fingers crossed he continues to be as good for you! x
  • Oh well done Ollie!!!
  • Well done Ollie!! Such a big, clever boy!
  • well done ollie image xxx
  • Well done Ollie! What a clever boy. Can he come and have a word with Spence when I finally decide to put him in a bed?LOL
    Liz x
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