Sore Nipples

Hi girls,

Hope you can help me. I recently came off the pill and have had my first withdrawl bleed but i have noticed today I have really sore nipples..mainly to touch but have also had 'ouch' moments with clothes catching...could this be a sign of ovulation?

I am going to buy some sticks tomorrow to confirm but would lve to hear your thoughts as when I google it, it tells me it is a sign of pregnacy and I dont think that is possible...ovulation maybe...



  • Not sure I can help but I just stopped taking the pill in December myself and had really sore nipples at CD23, which was about a week after I OV'd. It only last a day or two and my period arrived 5 days later.

    Hope that helps xx
  • I get sore nipples when I OV so yeah it could be a sign. BD your brains out is my advice lol.
  • I get sore nipples around OV. If you're the same as me then it should go in a couple of days.
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