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Why won't he sleep... please help I am sooooooo tired!!!

My lo is now 7 months old and he has given up sleeping!!!

We have tried Nurofen, teething gel and powders in case it is teething.

He is not too hot or cold.

He isn't hungry or thirsty

Have tried putting my clothes into cot so he can smell me

Tried with and without a nightlight

He gets swaddled at night so have tried him without being swaddled and no luck

NOTHING seems to be working.... over the past month or so he has only slept thro twice and he started sleeping thro at 12 weeks.

He goes to bed and wakes every 30-60 minutes until midnight then sleeps till about 3 or 4 and then keeps waking again.

I am sooooooooooooooo tired and have to go back to work next week image(

ANY suggestions would be good as I am now at a loss..... I dont know where he gets his energy from!!!


  • sorry cant really help but my lo, also 7 months is the same, he goes down at 7 wakes at 11 then every 30 to 60 minutes til 4 when he sleeps til 6, i have had to start going to bed at 7 when he does just to get a little sleep. he has never been a fantastic sleeper, but its much worse now, starting to not function very well in the day time, luckily im only owrking one day and one night a week. good luck
  • Is he waking happy, like gurgling to himself? or is he waking upset?
    Is he getting enough food and milk in the day? cameron is 7 months he wakes more often in the night now, usually once or twice to have a chat to himself. i just go in give him his dummy and shush him and eventually he drops back off.
    i know around this time a lot of people say they start to test the boundaries with sleep. so id say rather than trying different things every night, do the same every night and perservere. hopefully after a few nights he will get the hint
  • What do you do when they wake up? eg do you go to them immediately or leve them for a bit, do you get them out of the cot or what???

    Are they happy when they wake or crying?

    Give me a bit more info and I will put my thinking cap on!
  • Hi i hate to say it but my lo is 13months old and still doesnt sleep through, wakes up for a feed, have tried everything so i've given up lol sorry i'm not much use, just thought i'd let you know your not alone in the whole tiredness thing. Good luck hope things improve xx
  • We dont go into him straight away, we leave him to see if he will go off to sleep again but he just cried and cries, normally in the morning he wakes up happy and chatting to himself but during the night etc he just cries and cries. If we leave him longer then about 3-5 minutes he gets into a state and cant catch his breath. We used to plug him with a dummy and he would go off again but now if we try that he screams louder. We try and rub his tummy and say shhh to him etc and that doesnt work. The only way we can get him to stop crying is to pick him up. If we then put him down again he cries again. The only thing we can do is rock him off to sleep again otherwise he gets into a state and cant breath! Sometimes after we rock him to sleep we put him down and he instantly wakes again ARGH!!!!! I just dont know what to do. I didnt want to get into the picking him up all the time thing but as I have said its all we can do to stop he crying and getting into a state!
  • I think this must be a phase!!! Gabe started it at 5.5 months and it only started improving at 7 months. He's now 8.5 months and is sleeping through again most of the time. Has he learnt any new skills as apparently this can set their sleeping back?

    He won't do this forever!

    Have you tried dropping his pre-bedtime nap, this helped Gabe no end as he's so tired by the time he goes to bed that he sleeps very well.

  • Caitlin is doing the same, i tried controlled crying, i swear by the end i was in floods of tears and so was she, she has got a little better. She is now only waking once in the night but she is also 7 months. I honestly think she will never sleep through, but fingers crossed hey.

    Just a tip my health visitor suggested give a small amount of a warm cereal just b4 bed, it has helped caitlin but not solved it yet.

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  • i think its an age thing ive read loads of similar posts. my lo is nearly one and has never slept through..think it must feel worse if your baby used to and now doesnt. i cant leave my lo to cry either she chokes and is sick after few mins, i ended up having to co sleep wiyh mine and i am certainly NOT suggesting this but i made myself ill out of lack of sleep. please look after yourself and get some help through night x
  • westbrom I can sympathise. my lo is 8.5mth and has only once slept through!
    Im currently using PUPD which has really helped. Both hubby and I couldn't make ourselves do the controlled crying. Unfortunately she wakes at 4-5am. So just got to get the last few hrs sussed!
    It may not work, but when I was fed up witht eh lack of sleep at 3mths, the only 2 thigns which wprked for us which meant we got longer sleep was raising her head slightly (since 2 wks ago she is sleeping flat again) and we put a hot water bottle on her mattress about 30mins before she goes to sleep. So when she goes down its nice and warm and we found this helped her get comfy and for us she didnt wake up till later.
  • Well he eventually slept midnight to 7am.... he may have been crying all night tho as I am sooooo full of cold and tired I dont think anything would've woken me lol
  • Just wondered if hes teething hon?

    Tommy was sleeping through then started doing this and then 2 bottom teeth appeared and now hes back to sleeping through til 6.30 again.

    He was also 7 months when he was doing this - it could be?

    Love Lee
  • He got his bottom 2 teeth at 4 months old and had no problems..... we have already had to go up to him numerous times again tonight.... if he goes midnight to 7am again tho it would be something.... he keeps cryihng and really screaming out tonight and he is fast asleep image
  • Oh my god, you have described Lily! We must have the same baby lol. It makes me feel better to think other babies are like Lily so it's not just me. I think I'll try raising her matress slightly then.
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