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very sad (not baby related)

My dear 11 yr old Jack Russell called Alfie has been put to sleep this morning. I owned him with my dad & sister, he lived with my dad (company for him as my mum died some years ago). He'd been very unwell since Thursday so my dad & brother took him to the vets this morning. Apparently she could feel a tennis ball sized lump between his stomach & liver, most probably cancer. So best option to put him to sleep as he has been suffering and vet said he was very poorly.

I'm so upset. He was a lovely dog. Not your typical JR. He was great with my sister's kids & Charlotte. He never minded having his ears or tail pulled, and he would always play with them, wanting their toys as well!

Worried about my dad now as he's on his own. He said he doesn't want another dog as it's too much for him. He'll be 71 next month.

Sorry to go on, but it's like losing a member of my family.


  • They are members of your family and I know how heartbreaking it can be. I've had to have 2 horses, a dog and 2 cats put to sleep since I first started keeping pets and each one has been horrible. I'll be devastated when anything happens to our furry son.
    The only thing to think of is that he had a lovely life with owners who treated him well and that he isn't suffering.
    Take care
  • Losing a dog is awful isnt it. I know what your dad means about it being too much for him to get another, it's heartbreaking. Sending lots of hugs your way. xxx
  • i know how you feel ... our dog hasnt died, but we've had to re-home her yesterday .... its broke my OH heart ....

    we've had to sell our house as we cant afford the mortgage (i got made redundant in sept and OH is signed off under a specialist with seizures) and the govornment are wankers and wont help us with my mortgagte so we've had to bite the bullet and sell up....we're trying to find somewhere else to live, and as we're claiming dss (not thru choice) and had a dog, it was impossible to find anywhere to rent. we felt so guilty about jade, but weve hardly spent any time with her and as shes a springer, she got more energy thsn a whippet. we know shes gone to a fab new home in the country with plenty of ducks n chickens to chase so it has made it a bit oh feels like hes lost a best friend, but weve done the right thing by jade.

    i fully sympathise with you and ur family,

  • Oh hun, I'm sorry it is tough but you have to remember that it's much better than letting him suffer. My old dog was really poorly a week before I was due and we really thought we would have to put him down too. He spent 3 days in the vets on a drip and just suddenly came right! That was 6 months ago and I honestly don't think he'll last that much longer as he has gone very old! But I take comfort from the fact that he has had a really good life with me and when the time comes I won't let him suffer.

    At least it sounds as though you will have lots of great memories of him!

    All the best,
  • Thanks for all your kind words. I know he's better off as when I went to see him yesterday he was really struggling. Just sat in his basket staring into space.
  • Oh hun, so sad. They are part of your family so your right to be upset. could your dad get a cat? i know its soon after but they need a lot less looking after than a dog and can still be some company for him.
    stefs dog lives with his parents, she has a lump on her back but it doesnt hinder her so the vet siad better to leave it rather than disturb it incase it is cancer. its a shame isnt it, theyre like children, they dont understand whats happening to them
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