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Oh my god.....feel so rough!

Hey All, i am 7.5 weeks pregnant and am feeling so rough, I feel nauseous all the time and sooooooo tired! Work is a real struggle!! I have ginger sweets, dry crackers, ginger ale, peppermint tea, travel there anything unusual that anyone can suggest to help me feel better! I really can't cope!


  • oh hun i know the feeling. its awful. just try to grit ur teeth and get through it. the doc told me to drink flat coke as it helps somehow. also - i found that sucking a pear drop or worthers helped get rid of the sicky and watery mouth! try and get rest as much as you can - early nights etc and it will pass i promise! im now 9 weeks and i feel so much better than at 7 weeks!! Lots of hugs x x x x
  • You poor thing, I am still getting MS and it's horrid. For me it was Salt and Vinger Chip Sticks that help and also mint polo's.

    K xx
  • Hi emmy...Congratulations your going to be a mummy xx

    aww you poor thing...i can symphaphise with you on this one ...i had morning sickness from early morning 6 am till midday & also evening aswell for 10 weeks...please dont think this could be you too, as we are all different.

    I know that when you are sick or feeling sick the last thing on your mind is food....but you really need to try & force yourself to eat...some toast or something....eating little & often seemed to keep the sickness at make sure you can have a small breaks at work for regular snacks. Always carry snacks when your out & about....also stay hydrated, drink plenty of water.

    As for your tiredness im afraid its part & parcel of pregnancy...but you can try & take little cat naps when you is very important...if you have an opportunity to sleep, then do so, your mind & body needs it. Try & get your hubby/partner to do the little jobs that need doing in the house, this can take some of the pressure off you, for well deserved resting....remember your body is going through alot at the moment...its zapping all your energy, creating a little's hard work. I used to find myself having a nap when i got in from work for an hour or so.

    Sometimes you may be asked by friends do you fancy coming out?....sometimes you will feel like it...but if your body is telling you something different....then listen to what it is telling you...try not to burn the candle at both ends...if you know what i mean?

    Hope this is of some help to you, hope you feel better & get the rest that you need.

    little missie x
    34 + 4
  • I have to agree with little missie, I found being tired was the worst thing for my sickness. I also found just a consistant (almost constant) grazing really helped too ! Plus flat coke first thing in the morning.
    I had bad morning (and evening) sickness from around 6 weeks until around 21 weeks but everyone is different, a friend of mine her's literally left at 13 weeks and has never come back !
    Hope you feel better soon and get plenty of rest.

    MrsW 30+4
  • Hi there,

    I have to agree with little missie too. I was sick from waking up til around 3pm every day til around 12/13 weeks. Nibbling bread and potato products helped me - really plain stuff. And sprite, which I'm still drinking by the gallon. In a bizarre way you do kind of get used to it though I already can't remember how bad it was. I just remember crying every morning before work and perfecting the art of breaking out a sick bag whilst driving.
    Hope it passes soon for you, hang in there - just try and think it's for a good reason. And, allegedly, it's a good sign that you're feeling awful though it used to really annoy me when people said that!
  • i hear you sister!

    I am 10+3 and still feel sick as a parrott - although have never actually been sick! I also use all of the above but nothing seems to help - just sort of get by - bring on the 12 weeks and hopefully it will go!!!
  • I know how your feeling huni and I hope it passes quickly for you. Im 13wks now but I had it bad from 6 - 12 weeks and unfortuantly nothing helped me, I didnt eat in the beginning as was constantly throwing up. Luckily its all starting to ease off now and today Im feeling normal for once!
    Rest, drink lots and eat what you can.

    fiona xXx
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