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i was in a lot of pain couldnt stand had a bit of spotin went to hospital they said it was to early to tell if i had it was like havin a peroud but lot worst thanks would u say i did?:\?


  • Hi Taramac,

    I hope you are feeling better today. You must be very worried.

    Im afraid that there is not much help I can give you. When i had my MC, i had bad back pain and cramps for several days, and started bleeding around a week after that. BUT, I kow other people who have had pains and bled, and they have been fine. I think that by reading through these posts (especially the recent ones from slippers) you will see that there is no hard and fast rule. Try to stay calm (far easier said than done, we all know)

    I hope everything works out for you, best wishes
  • Well hun if you are in pain and it is red blood it is not a good sign BUT if the blood is brown and you have period type pains don't panic, brown blood is old blood and the af type pains could just be your womb stretching. I hope your bean is safe hun xxx try to keep calm
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