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Nursing vests

Hi, does anyone know where i can get some good breastfeeding vests? I had a couple from mothercare given to me but find they're quite short in the body and I want something to cover my tummy in the winter months! xx


  • I used to make my own, just got cheap vests or vest tops from wherever and cut vertical slits in them at the side of each boob, fab with normal top over, my sister has done the same thing too.

  • Hi i never bought any breastfeeding vests i just bought some cheap normal ones from primark which were long enough to cover my tummy and just pulled them down as they were stretchy enough at the top with adjustable straps... however after all this time i never thought of doing what Chriss did and cut a slit down the side! Fab idea
  • Ahh that's a really good idea Chriss..sorry to sound silly (i am pregnant & cant get my head around much at the moment!) but do you cut from the neckline down at the side of the boob nearest to breast bone? Thanks for your replies. xx
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