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Had my erpc yesterday - it was better than expected

Hi everyone
I just wanted to let you know how my erpc went yesterday as I know there are many of us who are going through it and I know for one I was worried about it.

Well I woke up yesterday morning wondering if I'd made the right decision and wondering if I should have decided to leave things to happen naturally just in case there was any slight hope that I hadn't miscarried - I think as I had a missed miscarriage I kept wondering how I'd got to 13 weeks without any signs - although I know in my heart that the doctors were right, I had started bleeding and could just tell especially as my symptoms disappeared around the time they told me the baby died (just over 8 weeks) so I still went ahead as planned.

Anyway, I was a bit nervous and worried about how I would feel physically and emotionally. I got to the hopital at 12 noon and was home shortly after 5pm. I was really wide awake quickly after the operation and up and going to the toilet and getting dressed ready to go home. When I first woke up I had some tears when I remembered what had happened and that my baby had actually really gone now but then a small wave of relief came over me that our baby is now at peace, I can't really explain it very well but I do feel relieved in a strange way. I hope that doesn't sound insensitive. The pain has been very mild so far but I did have an awful lot of bleeding although it seems to have slowed today (they told me to expect it for 4-8 days though).

Overall it was a lot better than I expected and I think that still knowing I had the baby inside me was hard to deal with for those days between finding out what had happened and waiting for the erpc. Although at times I felt like I might not be able to bear for it to be taken away from me.

Anyway, I hope that will help anyone who is worrying about having the erpc. If you've got any questions then I'm happy to answer even if you think its tmi - thats fine, I don't mind.


  • Hi just wanted to say hello and glas to read that you've got some relief. I too had an erpc following mmc at 12 weeks in Nov, I had no symptoms and pregnancy symptoms right up till the op too.

    I too felt relief when I woke up having spent days deliberating what to do. I found the following few days the most difficult as the loss really sank in but now Im feeling more positive and looking forward to ttc this month.

    Make sure you rest and take time off work, take care of yourself and keep in touch.

    Inka xx
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