movements are irregular @ 22wks

im 22+3 and have been feeling definite movements this week, some so strong hubby could feel, but over last two days they become weaker n less frequent. Could baby just have moved position which makes it more difficult to feel???? I assumed once movements became stronger they would remain that strong or get even stronger, not weaker n less frequent????


  • hey i had same thing at 21 weeks where movements wen from strong to alot weaker and wud change day to day, and have bin told this is perfectly norm, as baby can still move around alot in there and u dont feel their every movement, hope this helps dont worry XxxX
  • i had this also, and the midwife says that they only say you should be feeling atleast 10 movements a day when your 28 weeks, before that they are too irregular to be able to moniter it in this way, so try not to worry!

  • me too hon, (I'm 22 weeks too), like the other ladies have said, asked mw she said normal to be irregular. x
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