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Whinge about facebook!

Hi all

Don't get me wrong, I adore facebook, I'm always on it and love keeping in touch with people on it! But sometimes it has its downfalls doesn't it?...

A girl has posted on my hubby's wall in a manner which personally I find, a bit "too familiar", and because I don't know who she is, I don't like it the familiar-ness of it. I don't know if she's an old school friend - she could be an ex for all I know !!!

No reason to post other than me venting really. Some of you probably wouldn't have an issue at all if you read something like this, but I read it and it just niggles my insides a bit that's all...

Pregnancy hormones maybe?!?! LOL

Joo xxx


  • Hi hun

    Have you asked your hubby who is it, I would I mean I would not ask in a funny way or anything just casually ask who she is as you have every right to knowimage

    K xx
    13 weeks
  • aaw Joo, i get like this too! My hubby has lots more friends than me on facebook a lot of which are girls who he used to hang around with from school, and they also sometimes are a little too familiar and i dont like it! have to say though that i wouldnt say anything to my hubby about this as i dont want him to think i am some jealous psycho, after all it was me he married, but it still gets my goat!!

    Stupid girls, just think that its you who gets to cuddle up to him every night while with any luck they are still scrounging round trying to find mr right!!!

    Nina xx
  • I did!!!

    I emailed him and said "Who is XXX XXX? She has written on your wall and been a bit too familiar for my liking in MY opinion".

    I stressed the MY bit as he will tell me I am being ridiculous! (which I probably am, I know...)

    Another girl posts similar sorts of "familiar-ness" but I know her so I don't mind. It just wiggles me a bit because I don't know her, you know?

    Nina - sorry but it makes me feel a bit better knowing its not just me! (sorry though if you know what I mean!)

  • I would have had to ask as well once you know who she is you will be fine but I know what you mean about the not knowing part. Plus you do have a right to know hubby would ask me if it was the other way aroundimage

    K xx
    13 weeks
  • Ooh girls in my husbands work do this. They call him by silly little pet names, and the wind me up! I am the least jealous person, but feel there is no need to be over familiar with a colleague! Hubby just laughs at me though, he loves it when I tell him to tell her that his PREGNANT WIFE will bounce her!!!
  • Karen makes a good point, my hubby would ask me too!

    Mine has loads of female friends on facebook that I don't know and whilst I can't obviously know everyone from his past I can certainly comment about the women in his present (even if they're only in contact through facebook!!) image

  • ooh im so glad im not alone ,i thought i was just an over reactive pregnant (and overdue!) girlfriend!! oh and i had a row last night till 2am this morning all about .........friggin facebook......its all about the fact that he is friends with ex's and girls he has slept with and they will chat to him on the chat thing and he waits till i go to bed at say 9pm and then will be up till 11-12 ish chatting away ,i hate it that this is the only thing that cant be traced , not that i want to check up on him i do trust him (honest!) but i know these girls are just chatting to him cos they know he is a really friendly guy and he is also flirty (he claims he doesnt know he is doing it :roll: ) i always ask him who people he is friends with are if i dont know them and vice versa him with me but what bothers me is when he says " a girl i once slept with and were friends " duh!! noooo a friend is someone who will do ANYTHING for u she is simply an aquantence(sp) who knows whats in ure pants!!!.........ooh sorry for ranting xxxxxxxxxxx
  • I knew he'd dismiss my feelings... this is what he said:

    "Oh don't be an overprotective, silly wife! She's someone from school I have abit of banter with about the football*** altho why I need to be explaining that is stupid!!!"

    *** her wall post made NO reference to football AT ALL can I just add!!!

    I replied and said "Don't call me silly and dismiss my feelings! When someone I don't know is flirty with my husband I don't like it!"

    Cheeky fucker! LOL

    I wonder if I was anymore hormonal than I am today I might message her and say keep your paws off my man!!!!!!!! :lol:

    I think I'm having a grump against hubby week - we've been petty arguing all week!!!

    Joo xxx

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  • I set my hubbys facebook up and when we get invited to things I log on and accept for him - he does use it and is friends with an ex - a few months back he got emails from a girl he knew years ago (not sexually) and they swapped numbers she then started to text him random things how she missed his friendship etc... he showed me the texts and he never replied - she has stopped texting him now otherwise I would of told her to back off - but the good thing was that I could log in and see why the swapped numbers... some women just are attention seekers and don't know when the leave msg's etc how it can have the wrong effect on the couple... my hubby says that he married and has loads of photo's of us as a family and like the rest of you I do trust him... facebook is a nightmare really although I still love it xx

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  • Lucky for me Hubby does not have a FB account he did say this morning actually he was thinking of getting one and I said whats the point i have one our friends put messages on and he was like good point.

    I think as long as you are open and honest to your OH about how you feel about things in there thats fine.

    doushka - I know what you mean hun I would maybe feel the same way though think about it, you are about to give birth to his stunning little baby there is no way he would do anything to risk losing you the love of his life and his little baby. I think even if she is a troll and she does actually try something then he would tell you right away. You never know though maybe she is just trying to get some friends back after her marriage has broken down.

    chuffedbaby2 - I do see your point to be honest if hubby was staying up while I was going to bed to chat to these girls I would be pissed as well. I bet he is doing nothing wrong either but I can understand where you are coming from.

    K xx
    13 weeks today

  • All I can say is if I had a pound for every argument Facebook has caused I'd be one rich lady!!! Yes maybe a bit of pregnant crankiness kicking in, but dh needs to learn that I'm always right!!!! :lol: xxxx
  • All I can say is if I had a pound for every argument Facebook has caused I'd be one rich lady!!! Yes maybe a bit of pregnant crankiness kicking in, but dh needs to learn that I'm always right!!!! :lol: xxxx


    My hubby just fights back when my hormones are going off on one - makes it tripl-y worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yea k lou ure right he isnt doin anything wrong but i lie in bed now sometimes and find myself not dropping off properly then i can hear if he is typing :roll: .....!!! i hate asking him too who he was chattin to etc cos i feel like a fishwife but i cant help it ....sometimes what bothers me most is that he is grumpy cos he is tired the next day !!.........joo ....dan always makes out to me like im being stupid too he says things like "ooh for crying out loud she is just a friend" or "ive been with u for 7 years why would i look on facebook for someone id just go out if thats what i wanted"!!!!!!. :evil: ...i dont feel like im being silly ,i know how some girls minds work and also how nieve men can be at times :lol: .......xxxxxx

    lisa 40&2 and very hormonal (can u tell? :lol: )
  • my hubby doesnt use facebook but does have bebo. To be honest he doesnt use it nearly as much as I do but we both always use the same passwords so he can go into mine and i can go into his. I never do but I guess knowing I can if I want is enough for me.
  • that is y i dont touch face book i dont trust it as far as i cud throw it xx
  • does anyone remember when friends reunited first came out? 1999 ish?? so many problems!! as soon as FB started up I though "oh here we go again!" Luckily my DH hates it and doesn't have an account.

    I feel for you Joo and the others - god I hate it when women are over-familiar with men who are taken! (equally some men are gits of course but doesn't seem that way here) x
  • I would post on hubbys wall saying how much you love him and how much you are looking forward to having his baby etc etc she would see it, she should get the message!!!
    i agree chuffedbaby2 Men can be niave and have no idea how women work!!
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