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is green poo a sign of anything???

just changed Charlie's napy and his poo was greenish up till now its been the usual chicken korma colour, lol!! He has recently started gaviscon and has infacol, don't know if this makes any difference?


  • I heard that in bf babies green poo is normal, but can indicate that they are getting mainly foremilk, not the hindmilk hth! xx
  • It can be a sign of trapped wind hun, also teething, keep an eye on it - nasty I know but we all do it lol - if it keeps up I would talk to your hv xx
  • mmm? im bottle feeding???
  • Riley had a couple of weeks of green anppies and I was told this was normal. Is he alert and his usual self still? xxx
  • yeah fine otherwise.xx
  • jayden had loads when he was younger litrraly green for about 2 months! i told hv and she wasent concerned. jayden did have colic and was quite a sicky windy boy xx
  • Hi,
    We had this when Alf was little and we get it from time to time now so I reckon it's pretty normal! My hv said it was a sign of trapped wind-no idea how? Mates hv says it's a sign of mucas and that they have a cold-again why would it come out there?!!
    Anywho, I would talk to your hv if it carries on, but try not to worry its very normal but can be a shock! xx
  • Hi there

    dont know wat your lo's age is, my 9mnth boy had green sticky poo ... I had started full fledge weaning him and he was on breast milk. One day he developed high fever and the docs diagnosed him wit a stomach infection. This happened mainly becoz he had just started crawling and used to put his fingers a lot in his mouth.. but after medication he was alright in 4-5 days time. Just wanted to share my bit of green poo information with u...

  • Faye has had a few when she was particularly bad with colic, so put it down to that
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