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arrr need sleep

hi please help my two year old is poorly and not sleeping so well she seems to just have a cough during the day but at night about the time we go to bed she starts to scream it doesnt matter what we do we have tried cuddles ,letting her scream ,cough medicin,calpol, putting her in with us,inhaler, we are going a bit mental to be honest apart from her cough shes fine during the day if i take her docs i know il get told its a virus and to be honest im getting fed up of giving her drugs lol any advice how ever small i really want to hear it what havent we thought of???????? is she old enough to have night terrers?????? why cant we compfort her????
any advice grafully recieved xxxxx


  • hi didn't want to read and run... my wee 1, nearly 3. went thro a spell of doing the same altho it was when she was well, not ill, but about 2ish.
    we just had to ride it out and i think she was having nightmares too. i also found that it seemed to happen when she was learning new things, words or just general things they work out. she is/ was lol. very easy going and the screaming and talking in her sleep was quite distressing. it is difficult esp. when your not getting any sleep. i don't have any advice tho. i'm sorry. i just did the things you've mentioned and she seemed to stop. i hope it doesn't go on for too much longer...
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