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Who's had a 4d scan?

Hi I was wondering who has had a 4d scan and whether you would reccommend it. ALso where did you have it done and how much did it cost?



  • yep i had a 4d scan and it is worthit they r usually around 130 but i neva payed 4 mine the consultant did mine 4 nothing whilst i had my normal scan he went on frm 2d to 4 d i couldnt believe he did it to be honest they r defonatly worthit if i hadnt of had that 1 i wud of payed the money to have it done they r amazing i cried wen i saw her little face she was yawning and sucking her fingers she is so beautifull and i cant w8 to meet her xxx go 4 it girl
  • i had one last week, babybond staffordshire ??125 for dvd package. Was amazing.
  • Fantastic, that's just what I needed to hear - the 2 of you have made my mind up!

    Thanks xx
  • make sure u put your pics on i want to but i dont no how cos im thick lol xx
  • i am not sure whether to have one, but they do sound great. are they just like a normal scan? xxx
  • no they r your baby in 4d that means u can see everything basicly all her features they yawn rub there eyes omg it its so ironic its just like looking at a real baby i cant explain its so amazing and the baby aparently looks a double of the scan pic wen its born u can tell its the same baby i cried it was so amazing go 4 it u will no what i mean wen u have it done i just sound daft lol
  • OMG! that is the cutest pic! xxx
  • thanks, i think so but i'm biased! xx
  • Hiya, yeah i had one at 30 weeks and i wished id gone sooner coz they said there would of been more activity so try and go about 25 weeks, babybond xxxx
  • sorry if this is not the right word, but do they have to use strongers "rays" or "waves". do you know what i mean? and do they have to go further down to see more, so is it harmful? or totally safe?
    sorry for all the questions.
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