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Hello everyone

Hiya everyone how are we all feeling
my waters went the other day im only
36 weeks. I went to the hospital
and they told me they were gonna induce
me next week which will make me 37 weeks
so im totally buzzing i carnt wait
i just needed to get the exitment of my chest lol
so i thought id cum and share my news lol ;\)


  • so happy for u. u must be so excited to meet ur little one soon. keep us posted on how u get on.

  • These posts are everywhere, how strange x
  • so happy for you, good luck hun. xxx
  • gatecrashing from baby, but i noticed that too coxley, this post is on alot of the due in 09s

    kerry xxx
  • beware - just looked at the website and it looks a bit dodgy grammar mistakes etc, I definately would not e-mail her a picture!
  • gatecrashing to - so are you due every month in 09 then?
  • unfortunatly ladies i think this beckie is a becky who has caused some trouble on baby, so please just beware and dont send pics or any personal info!
  • Just ignore this post girls, Im from baby too and theres been alot of this recently x
  • hi girls just wanted to add to what the other girls from baby have said....
    my waters broke 1 week early and they dont let u go for more than 48hrs after ur waters have broken due to rick of infection so im afraid this post is rubbish xxx
  • OMG imageimage would the same troll from baby forum really be that thick to come over here using the name bekkie 09 and post using the same grammer??!!! seriously i cant believe it soo glad some of u are more observant than me i didnt even realise and i tend to be flicking through these posts all day since im still waiting for my baby :roll:

    thanks ladies xxxxxxx
  • I wondered about that too, as was told by my hospital yesterday that once your waters go you have 3 days max before they induce.
    PS tallkatie, love your new avatar, Gracie-Faye looks so grown up already! x
  • CRINGE!! i bet your not even a woman.
  • This makes my skin crawl....just the thought of what she/he would do with pics or information recieved!!!

    I am certain i will not be putting any pics on BE site or any other site of my little one when he/she is born.

    What puzzles me also is that this "beckie2009" whoever this may be???....hasnt even commented or defended herself in any shape or it just proves wot a fake (weirdo)...i know wot i would like to do with people like that...but i think it is too offensive to comment on here.

    little missie
    35 + 2
  • I was told if your waters go, your allowed upto 48 hours then the hospital take over due to possibilty of infections, possible damage to baby etc.

    This person is obviously a fake - fancy trying to come on a pregnancy forum and lie about pregnancy! Like the girls on here don't know! Muppet.
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