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Any1 from shropshire?

Hiya im on the border between shropshire/herefordshire (about 10 mins from Ludlow)x


  • And I'm only just over the border in Powys!
  • hiya, i am near ludlow aswell, between there and tenbury...bit scared on here now to be honest cos of all the suff being written bout newbies, but just havnt posted til yesterday!!!would love to chat to shropshire people!

    lauren +jake :\):\)
  • hi mousenose, i know that area well (brimfield, little hereford, etc...), it has been an unfortunate time for any newbies joining but the site is fab and there are some really lovely, genuine girls on here.xx
  • yeah we are in burford, how old is your lo, she is gorgeous!:\) just wondering if we were at antenatal together?!add me on facebook if you like, search for Lauren McClure
  • I used to spend a lot of time in Tenbury- The Swan Hotel was THE place for dances!! Perhaps we should have our own meet !
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