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Any Computer Wizz?

Right, I have got MSN on my computer.. but no direct link to it on my computer desk top, and no little person in the bottom right hand corner to click on. I've looked in the control panel to uninstall programmes but it's not there.. but when my computer is turned on it gives me a chance to sign in and when I try to download a new messenger it says I already have it. I don't want to turn my computer completely off & on again anytime i decide to sign in, & can't see to find it to append the settings..

HELP! One confused bunny here! how can I fix it? x



  • okay what you do is (apparently)
    1)browse to this folder: C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\

    2)in this folder you see a file with the msn logo (2 little people) called: msnmsgr.exe

    3)right click this file & select 'create shortcut' this will create a new shortcut called: 'Shortcut to msnmsgr.exe'

    4)you just need to drag & drop this shortcut onto desktop! hope this helps!
  • do you have vista, in vista, windows icon or start button at bottom left hand side, press to look for programmes, but instead type into search messenger it should find it hun
  • oh you girls are sooo clever! lol thank you! image x
  • is it sorted x
  • yeah all done! Ta! x
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