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I'm confused...

Okay I am now even more confused than before. I don't want to offend anyone but from where I stand it looks like things have gone off the deep end.

I come on today and are some of you ladies seriously contacting the POLICE! all because of rotten language and name calling. This is well out of proportion. There are murders and all sorts that need the police resources not some stupid woman who think it is funny to wind you up.

But more over we are no longer a welcoming community. This forum is driving people away and in a very witch hunt style making everyone scared to be associated with anyone else.

Grow up ladies, this is not a school yard.

Unless someone has actually been threatened or been caused harm outside of a forum this needs to be dropped.

If this is something bigger than what I see on this forum I would love to be filled in because at this point it is doing my head in.



  • I agree, it needs to be dropped. Just ignore the posts. image xoxox
  • yep - now getting boring x
  • Im with Katie here, its more of a scare tactic, if a police person just gives her a call and tells her to back off it will be a nice place to come again image
  • But will they actually do that? Don't mean to offend anyone, but police are useless at the best of times...
  • yeah im with katie too...who's to say that shes not going on loads of other forums doing it to other people? she needs to be stopped!!! x
  • okay tallkatie I will be the first to agree she is a bad bad lady who should have never said that about your beautiful little girl, and her taunting you at every oppertunity is down right wrong,

    BUT calling the police?????

    There is an enitre post stating people are contacting the police, that is over kill.

    I agree we would all like her off the site, but she didn't disable your daughter she insulted her, which again is wrong but not the same thing as bank robbery or attempted murder.

    Let leave the police to their more important jobs, now contacting a psychiatrist.... that might just be worth doing (not for you - for her image)

  • Katie (and several others) was also being abused through FB, the police do take this sort of thing seriously

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  • I agree. She has said very hurtful things to some good friends on here. The police would speak to her about this sort of thing yeah.

  • still with katie, emotional abuse is as bad as any
  • still with katie image x
  • Okay I concede.


  • I am. She's backed off for now which is good. Lets hope she doesn't come back. xx
  • I has to be stopped. YOU would not like it if it was about your child. IT/SHE/HE... whoever this freak is cannot get away with it. I have spent day deleting pics of my kids off here... No idea what this idiot may do with them. there are worse crimes yes I agree BUT I am not sure this thing that keeps posting on here is not capable of some awful crime and we need to alert the authorities so they can take appropriate action.

    IF you dont like it..dont get involved!!
  • oopsss//we posted at same time...see you agree now!!! lol!!!! glad we can all unite over this idiot. If it makes us row amongst ourselves then IT has won!
  • i think the reason the police were mentioned was because of this person on the prg forums asking for people to upload pics of their babies to a website?
    i dont know!
    i am also fed up of hearing/talking about it and i fear that any new ladies wanting to join us will be put off or feel unwelcome...i would if i came on at this time!
    BUT i totally understand why it is still bothering some of you that she can get on here whenever she likes, it scares me a little too, but i have to agree with hedgie that we should really try and get on with what we do best....chatting our knackers off!! xxxxxx

    obviously if anyone suspects that she/he is on one of the forums under a different name we should still alert the others though. But i think going over past events is a bit pointless! Katie, your babe is gorg, we can all see that, course your right for wanting to knock this person out though but lets us all not argue over whats been going on xxx
  • I'm sorry I have to agree with Hedgie and Joanne&brood, but everytime they make a post you all have to comment on it! Just ignore them, then they will get bored. They want a reaction and that's what you are giving them, it's just like being back at school! And it's getting boring.

    I understand that some horrible things were said, But it has just been like airing your dirty lundry in public. People who are not involved don't really want to see it here, keep it on facebook/msn.

    The other forum I belong to is full of teenagers, and I'm sorry to say that they are much more well behaved than some of you lot! And if a troll pops up there they now to ingnore them so why can't you?

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  • mcrvamp are you seriously saying that if someone called ur child or ur friends child mentally disabled and down syndrome you'd just laugh it off and carry on? i'm sorry but i can't do that!! x
  • I cant either, I may have never met JJ or Gracie but I think there gorgeous ad I consider alot of people on here friends, to have a friends baby insulted is outrageous and im behind them all 100% ALL THE WAY!! I cant believe some of you arent imagine if it was you and we were saying oh shut up and get on with it!
  • All of our children are beautiful in their own right. Why are we turning on eachother, isn't that what they want???
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