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Pillow for under 12 months

Good morning lovely ladies,

Has anyone given their babies a pillow under the age of 12 months? My Harry is 9 months and at the moment has another rotton cold and even though the cot is raised at his head end he is still having trouble sleeping. However when he sleeps in my bed on my pillow he sleeps much better?

I gave a pillow to James when he turned 12 months and he started to sleep much better.

Thank you, Debs xxxx


  • mine have all had one from birth they just sleep better.

    but what i do is put it under the fitted sheet in there cot so that they get all the affect of the pillow with out the danger x
  • I gave mine a pillow 2 weeks ago, hes 4 months. Although i did mke sure that it was thin enough so when he turns his head his nose its clear
  • ive got cot wedge but my lo rolls off it you could put two legs of cot on couple of books or put your pillow under matress . my lo sleeps in my bed most of night and i often find her on my pillow lol but she is 11 months now so i dont worry as much xx
  • Thank you I like the idea of sticking the pillow under his sheet, I will try that one. He is so poorly tonight I don't think anything is going to help him sleep. xxx
  • Ellie has been sleeping on a pillow from my bed from about 8 months, she's now 10 months. I rotate them so she gets my scent because she's a wild grmpy sleeper & had got into the habit of sleeping in my bed! Think I might start putting it under the sheet though that's a good idea xo
  • We still keep Lily's pillow under the sheet, she's 13 months now and has had one for 3/4 months I can't really remember!x
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