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how many people r u allowed in delivery room???

is there a standard number of people allowed in delivery room (i assume alot of hospitals are different) but want my hubby there ll the time and would like my mum to be able to keep popping in to calm me many is every1 else having?


  • hi yeah i suppose al hospitals are diffrent but i have always had in each of my births my dh and his mum! mention it to your mw she will tell you and you will also get to wrte it in your birthplan xx

  • Hi hun, i think at most hospitals you are allowed two people in the delivery room with you while you are giving birth. Im more than sure you can have both your partner and your mum too

  • u can have 2 i had my mom and my friend with me and its 1 person 4 a c section
  • I also had my husband and mum with me.Good job now as hubby was a nervous wreck and kept running in and out to be sick!
  • I am hoping to have my OH and my mum in with me too! Should be ok at my hospital as my cousin had 3 people in there back in October!
  • I had my husband, my mil and my dad through labour on a ward for the first 8 hours ( i was induced). Then when i had my waters broken at 2cm i went into my own delivery room and my hubby stayed with me until i had to push and then he left ( he didn't want to be there for that bit) and my mil and dad came back in through the pushing and birth. After she was born they let my husband back in the room so all 3 of them were there which was nice because i didn't want any of them to have to leave me. lol!
    I was very lucky to beable to have them all there near enough all the time. My step mum even popped in at one stage but my dad went out so she could come in and see me.
    I think it depends on the hospital and also how busy they are, the day i had my daughter there wasn't anyone else being induced on the delivery ward just me and some pregnant ladies kept popping in as they had complications with their pregnancy but that was it.

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